Oct 2021

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Fall is upon us and it is a super crappie fishing time of the year no matter what part of the country you live in.  Many techniques will work as it is the pre-winter feed by the crappie.

This time of year is when the water temperatures start dropping which signal all fish to fatten up for the winter.  Prey, minnows and insects, are plentiful and easy to hunt down by the crappie.

Centennial State Crappie

When fishermen think of Colorado, they think of clear mountain trout streams. However, the state has several reservoirs that provide some excellent crappie fishing.   Colorado Crappies by Mike Gnatkowski It’s not all trout in the Centennial State   The Colorado wind is relentless. I had all I could handle keeping the boat positioned, but […]

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Fall into October Crappie

Gerald Overstreet (left) and his partner, Steve Brown, show the potential benefits of drop-shotting for fall crappie. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Drop Shottin’ Fall Crappie by Tim Huffman   Crappie fishing evolves as more techniques and great new electronics are created. Gerald Overstreet, tournament fisherman and Alabama fishing guide, says fishing is still about getting […]

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Spooning for Crappie

Crappie with style love bling in the fall. (Photo: Eddy Stahowiak)   Fling Your Bling at Fall Crappie by Kenneth L. Kieser   I caught my first two-pound crappie a few decades ago. We were fishing over submerged crappie beds. But we weren’t fishing jigs OR minnows. Accomplished crappie anglers have different and sometimes unique ways […]

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Join the Club

Karlie DeMarco, 17, was understandably extremely proud to join the “3-Pound Crappie Club” while fishing on Missouri’s Lake Ozark. (Contributed Photo)   Crappie Basics – Show Us Your Fish Karli DeMarco, 17, was very happy and understandably proud when she joined the “3-Pound Crappie Club” in August. Many crappie anglers fish a lifetime and never […]

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NPAA Information

As often as not, when fishing for crappie using floats, the float won’t actually go under water. Frequently anglers will simply see the float wiggle or even roll over on its side. It takes a very sensitive float to allow an angler to detect those subtle strikes.   Crappie Basics – New Lite-Bite Float Signals [...]

Wisdom from Larry Whiteley

The Great Outdoors by Larry Whiteley   STUMP SITTING The fall air is crisp as I start my journey up the trail. The sun starts peeking over the hills behind me. The curtain is rising and I’m not in my seat. Finally, I see it. To some people it’s just an old tree stump where […]

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Stay Alive on the Water

Christina Young lost her 25-year-old son in a tragic cold-water drowning. She has since become an advocate, creating an organization called “Not One More,” in hopes of preventing other families from suffering the kind of loss she experienced.   "Not One More" Releases Compelling Video Following Drowning by Richard Simms In October 2020, news media [...]

Crappie Pot Pies

Crappie Pot Pies by Vernon Summerlin   You’ll love the convenience of making crappie pot pies then taking some from your freezer, baking and serving them – if you can wait that long. Or just skip the freezing and go straight to the baking and eating. Or mo’ better yet, make a gaggle of them […]

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Video Tip: Keeping Double Minnow Rigs Untangled

Video Tip: Keeping Double Minnow Rigs Untangled Great tip from B’n’M Pro Staffer Ronnie Capps   B’n’M Pro Staffer Ronnie Capps, 8-time National Champion, shows you how to keep your double-hook minnow-rigs from tangling up.

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Video Tip: Balanced Poles

Video Tip: Balanced Poles Brian Carter shows you how to check the ‘balance” of your fishing rod   B’n’M Pro Staffer Brian Carter shows you how to check the balance pole on your fishing rod to help prevent fatigue and catch more fish.

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