Opening Cast – August 2022

Opening Cast


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Keith Sutton
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In the August 2022 Issue of CrappieNOW, Keith Sutton shares ten super secrets for finding hot weather crappie. One of those is to locate incoming cooler water streams that flow into a lake. The cooler oxygenated water attracts bait, which in turn can attract crappie.

Maintenance Does Matter!


Maintaining our outboard motors, no matter the size, make or model is very important.  Several years back, I was asked by Yamaha Marine to be an advocate for this very important message.  It was easy for me to fulfill that role as I was passionate about it and still believe in it.

It is common for us to come home from a day of fishing, park or store the boat, clean fish, and rest for the evening.  Many a trip I have done so and not even check to see if my prop is ok, did I have something wrapped around the foot of my motor or if my fuel lines were all ok, etc.

One trip last year, I loaded my boat at the ramp and saw this red rope dragging behind the boat.  Upon further inspection, I had a heavy rope wrapped around my propeller with a big magnet on the end of it.  On other trips, I saw fishing line sticking out around the prop and yet another, a plastic ice bag wrapped around the foot of my motor.  Any of these could and would have negatively impacted my motor if not addressed immediately.

Here are some real quick things to do before and after every trip to ensure your safety and save you lots of money:

  • Check around the base of your prop next to the housing for any foreign objects. If there, remove the prop to ensure all of it is removed.  It is wise to remove the prop about every two to three trips to check for hidden objects.
  • Check your prop blades to ensure they are not bent or chipped, etc.
  • Check your water intake for anything clogging it like grass, mud, paper, wood, etc.
  • Check the bolts to your transom to ensure they are not loose or missing.
  • Inspect steering mounts to ensure they are all secured and not lose.
  • Check you fuel lines and your fuel bulb to ensure they are full of fuel and not leaking.
  • Wash and wax your motor to keep it from rusting or fading.
  • Keep your fuel fresh. Use the appropriate fuel additive to keep fuel lines, filters, seals and engine components clean.  Yamaha and I am sure other marine companies sell these.  In my case Airport Marine has a full line-up or they are sold on line.
  • Perform periodic maintenance as required by your boat manufacturer. Yamaha Outboards has a great app and website with how-to videos, personized tracking for your motor etc.  It is:  My Yamaha Outboards in the play store.

Lastly, while operating your engine, watch for any small changes in performance, sound, water flow, etc.  Catching it immediately will save you from bad fishing trips and costly repairs.


Remember, maintenance does matter!!!

Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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