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Opening Cast


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Cover Photo Credit

A pretty morning on Jackson Lake, Elmore County Alabama this photo was captured by Ron Wong

Besides the fun writing and editing I’m honored to do for CrappieNOW, I also write for other media outlets – usually about subjects other than crappie fishing.

Recently I wrote a story about a friend, and guide partner, following an EPIC fishing road trip. Capt. Sam Simons is a fulltime teacher, but before heading back to the classroom in early August he went off on a fishing extravaganza – traveling more than 4,300 miles by car or plane to either catch or see caught, 36 different species of freshwater and saltwater fish. You can read details here if you like.

But Sam’s excellent fishing adventure got me thinking, and realizing, that with the help of CrappieNOW, it really would be very easy for you to design your own “Crappie Road Trip.” Here’s how:

  • Visit the “Destinations” section of CrappieNOW
  • Prowl through the various stories and mark a map for each destination location
  • In short order you should see a pattern develop, especially if you live in the Eastern United States.
  • Depending upon how long you can escape from work, and how long you want to live on the road, you can design your own multi-location, crappie fishing road trip. And most of our Destination stories also include tons of fun things for the whole family to do, whether they fish or not.

For instance, I mapped these destinations highlighted recently in CrappieNOW:

  1. Elmore County, Ala.
  2. Grenada Lake, Mississippi
  3. White River National Refuge in Arkansas
  4. Kentucky’s Green River
  5. Dale Hollow Lake


Road Trip Map

It took me about five or 10 minutes to find those locations and map out my 1,300-mile round trip. The CrappieNOW stories provide excellent fishing tips, guide suggestions and other things to do. All the work is done. The only thing left is for me to do is follow Nike’s advice and “Just Do It!”

Richard Simms, Editor

“The outdoors is not a place, it’s a state of mind.”




Richard Simms, Editor

“The outdoors is not a place, it’s a state of mind.”

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