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Q: If forced to fish on a wind day, what are some tricks you use? Jerry Blake, Arkansas, fishing guide ( “For me, the key … Continue reading Crappie Question & Answers

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Q: If forced to fish on a wind day, what are some tricks you use?

Jerry BlakeJerry Blake, Arkansas, fishing guide ( “For me, the key to fishing on a windy day is to be prepared in advance by knowing the lake and finding or placing cover in several areas that are protected from the wind. This means different areas for each likely wind direction. That way, you always have a few placed to fish that are at least somewhat protected from the wind.”

Garry Mason, Tennessee, founder Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, KY Lake guide. “Until mid-April the lake is at drawdown. That is a factor on where to fish. I always seek a cove with creeks coming into the pockets that have laydown structure or man-made beds in areas with the least amount of wind. My favorite time to fish in early spring is 10am until 3pm on sunny days. I try to trailer my boat to the bay or cove I intend to fish because of the wind so I won’t have to get on the main lake.”

Brandon Fulgham, Mississippi, fishing guide (662-417-9117). “The main thing I do in the wind is lighten the weight I’m trolling with to take away some of the bounce in the rods. The next thing is always fish with the wind using drift socks or chains. One last trick is to tie a longer leader on the top hook of the minnow rig. When the pole bounces the longer leader will not move the bait as much.”

Jim Duckworth, Tennessee, guide ( “With the invention of shallow water anchors this is a no-brainer. For shallow crappie I get upwind of the area to fish and lower my 12-foot Talon anchors. I can fish the area, raise and repeat. I like to cast using a Road Runner or a minnow/slip-bobber combo. If fish are out a little deeper I’ll use a wind sock to slow the boat and the trolling motor to control changes in the drift.”




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