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National Tournaments

CRAPPIE MASTERSwww.crappiemasters.netMike Valentine, Pres. 660-351-6960Paul Alpers 573-280-80202013 Champs: Tommy Skarlis & Kyle Steinfeldt >>Washington, MS, March 1. A total of 92 teams enjoyed a cold … Continue reading National Tournaments

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Mike Valentine, Pres. 660-351-6960
Paul Alpers 573-280-8020
2013 Champs: Tommy Skarlis & Kyle Steinfeldt

>>Washington, MS, March 1. A total of 92 teams enjoyed a cold week but some good fishing at Lake Washington. Mike Parrott and Whitey Outlaw caught seven fish with a weight of 16.13 pounds to win the one-day qualifier. They slow trolled at 0.5 mph to 0.9 mph in 3 to 7 foot waters catching their fish about 20 inches deep. They used Rockport Rattler Outlaw Max 3 jig heads, turned off their electronics and trolling motor to keep from spooking the fish. They won $5,000 plus bonus money.
Second place was Kyle Schoenherr and Rodney Neuhaus with 16.04 pounds. They fished a combination of MidSouth jigs on Road Runner jig heads and Tru-Turn hooks. They were fishing in 6 foot, 8 inch to 7 feet, 8 inch waters catching fish 16 to 30 inches deep. They earned $2500. Third place was Johnny Walker and Rod Womack with 15.67 pounds. They slow trolled in 4 to 7 foot waters.
Big fish was 2.99 pounds caught by Brandon Fulgham and Alex Brewer. Top male-female team went to Vic Finkley and Kim Grey. Oscar Riley fished with 5-year old granddaughter, Anna Riley to win the adult-youth division.
16.13 W Outlaw/ Mike Parrott
16.04 K Schoenherr/ R Neuhaus
15.67 J Walker/ Rod Womack
15.58 Alan Carter/ Tony Sheppard
15.56 Duffy & Brian Cleland
15.32 Jeff Riddle/ David Maddux
14.98 D McWilliams/ R Nivens

>>Greenwood, SC, Feb.22. Jon Johnson and Thomas Vaughn wond with 12.93 pounds. They long line trolled to earn $3000. Second was Kevin Hawking and Ben McGuirt with 12.65. They long line trolled with Kalin jigs in 12 to 20 foot waters fishing 3 feet deep.
12.93 Jon Johnson/ T Vaughan
12.65 Kevin Hawkins/ B McGuirt
12.59 Keith Manus/ Ed Duke
12.40 Ellis & Jon Cannon
12.22 Blaine & Jerry Bundrick
11.96 M Noffz/ Teddy Kneece
11.95 Dale Willard

>>Lake Fork, TX, Ultimate Challenge One-Pole, March 15. There were 40 teams faced the stump-filled lake. The high winds and fish movements made pre-fishing difficult but things changed for some of the teams on tournament day. Some of the fishermen reported the tournament fishing was some of the best fishing they had seen in their lives with 100-150 fish with 1.75-pounders being released because they had bigger ones in the livewell. Snider and Albin weighed in 15.38 pounds for the wind. They jigged in 3-5 foot waters fishing off the bottom. They caught most of their fish off of one line of trees. Fish required them to fish slowly and hold the bait still for 30 to 90 seconds then the fish would hammer it. They used Bobby Garland MoGlo Jam scent and Nibbles on Bobby Garland Baby Shad jigs. They earned $3,200.
Lake Fork Top Finishers
15.83 Marty Snider- Jackie Albin
15.63 R Marshall- Lane Carlisle
15.47 S Gossett- Brad Williams
15.45 M Standridge- J Townsend
15.36 W Outlaw- Mike Parrott
15.20 Max Jordan- Ken Gaby
15.19 G Nelon- Paul O’Bier
15.19 Roger & Pan Putman

Crappie Masters 2014 Schedule
April 4-5 AL River- Montg-Millbrook (AL final leg)
April 12 Lake of the Ozarks, MO (1st leg championship)
April 26 Beaver Lake, AR (benefit tournament)
May 2-3 Kentucky Lake, TN (TN state championship)
May 10 Reelfoot Lake, TN (qualifier)
May 17 Truman Lake, (Big Fish Challenge)
May 31 Rathbun Lake, IA (qualifier)
June 6-7 Tennessee Tombigbee (2-day qualifier)
June 20-21 Truman Lake, MO Ultimate (one-pole)
Aug 9 Mark Twain Lake, MO (2nd leg championship)
Aug 23 Truman Lake, MO (final leg championship)
Sept 24-27 Washington, MS (National Championship)
Oct 10-11 Grenada Lake, MS (2015 qualifier)

CRAPPIE USA 270-395-4204
Darrell Van Vactor, Pres.
2013 Champs: Capps & Coleman; Rhodes & Dameron

>>Fulton Pool/Bay Springs, March 1. There were 14 teams fishing the Fulton-Bay Spring tournament. Roy Capes Jr and Robert Harris of Georgia caught 9.85 pounds to earn $1000. They were fishing the upper end of Bay Springs working the main river ledge in deep pockets 20-28 feet deep with fish suspended 18 feet deep.
Amateur Divison (7 teams)
9.00 Blake Pounds/ M Taylor
8.13 H Strickland, K Johnson
Semi-Pro (7 teams)
9.85 Roy Cape/ R Harris
9.82 Mark & Keith Morris
7.43 Dewayne & Reed McCord
Big Fish
2.31 Morris/ Morris

>>Weiss Lake, AL, March 8th. Fisherman from 12 different states fought in the best weather possible. Semi-Pro winners were Adam Mobbs and Carlton Teague with 7.12 pounds earning them $1,100 plus $250 Grizzly Coolers bonus and $300 Driftmaster bonus. They fished the main lake pulling jigs at a depth of 23 feet or less using black-blue-chartreuse with blue-chartreuse being the best combo.
Semi-Pro division (14 teams)
7.12 Adam Mobbs- Carlton Teague
6.98 Jim Forreset- Paul Camacho
6.87 Donnie Burris- Adams Darren
6.68 Tony Thomsa- M Hardeman
Amateur division
7.84 Knox & Max Wilson
7.73 Stanley Steed- Hardy Wheeless
7.65 Duard & Haley Hulgan
Big Fish
1.85 Ragan Derwood- Kyle Keith
1.61 Duard & Haley Hulgan

>>Lake of Egypt, IL March 14-15. Super Event. Nasty cold wind and weather came in but the power plant water was warm and some of the big fish were active.
Semi-Pro Div. (20 teams)
20.74 Lutchka, Dan- Josh Jackson
20.05 Steve Ralls- Joey Sanders
17.98 James Todd- Reed Morris
17.20 Sean Hawkins- Gary McGee
15.27 K Schoenherr- R Neuhaus
11.58 Matthew & Cynthia Strobel
Amateur Div (31 teams)
12.28 Todd & Brad Hughes
10.99 D Phillips- B Cunningham
9.95 Randy & Cindy Turner
7.15 Steve Hess- Mary McCoy
Big Fish
2.42 Todd & Brad Hughes
2.23 Dan Lutchka Sr- J Jackson

Crappie USA 2014 Schedule
Apr 5 Lake of the Ozarks, MO (local)
Apr 11-12 Lake Murray, SC (super event)
Apr 18-19 KY/Barkley Lakes, TN (super event)
Apr 26 Green River Lake, KY (local)
May 10 Old Hickory Lake, TN (local)
May 17 Cave Run Lake, KY (local)
May 31 Grand Lake/St Marys, OH (local)
Jun 7 Patoka Lake, IN local)
Jun 14 Mississinewa/Salamonie, IN (local)
July 26 George/ Weir, FL (local)


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