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Tundra, Chiller Brew, Alaskan Arctic Ice“This is space age material that will last a lifetime if not punctured or mistreated,” says David White, Vice-President of … Continue reading Crappie Products

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Tundra, Chiller Brew, Alaskan Arctic Ice
“This is space age material that will last a lifetime if not punctured or mistreated,” says David White, Vice-President of Marketing. “Three phase levels create a specific unit for each situation. Our Tundra series is for keeping things frozen and will hold that temperature within five degrees. It’s more like dry ice. The ideal temperature is 22 degrees.
“Our Chiller Brew is designed for 28 degrees to keep your beverage at an ideal temperature. The Alaskan series is for food you don’t want to freeze; ideal temperature is 34 degrees.”
The conversion for the amount of packs needed is easy. If you would need 10 pounds of ice you should use 10-pounds of Arctic Ice.
Cooler tip: To prolong each use, it’s best to pre-cool your cooler before placing the Artic Ice in it.
The photo shows an Arctic Ice pack in the minnow cooler to keep the water at a comfortable temperature and minnows lively. Prices from $12.95 to $29.95.
For more information: Arctic Ice, 605-696-2500;



Rockport Rattler Chicky Tackle
The hottest jig head in crappie fishing is the Rockport Rattler. The jig has a unique rattle chamber that ‘acts like a dinner bell’. The photo shows rigging with a tube jig or using it with a minnow. The minnow’s action will cause the head to rattle.
“The rattles are built into the jig making it convenient and long lasting,” says pro staffer Whitey Outlaw. “It has a loud sound and you can use it with whatever plastic you like.”
“We’ve fished this side by side with regular jig heads and have consistently caught more fish with the Rockport Rattler. This spring in a Crappie Masters tournament at Lake Fork Texas, we hit a spot just fished by another fisherman and we caught over sixty fish. He came by and asked us what we were doing differently, he put one on and immediately started catching fish. It’s not magic but it can make a huge difference.”
High quality hooks. Crappie size in 1/16 and 1/8-ounce; other style heads in heavier weights. $4.69 (3/pkg crappie).
For more information:; or Chicky Tackle Co. 877-514-8252.


Lure Flavor Scent Attractant Fle-Fly
Crappie chasers know that a good attractant is a key ingredient to getting more bites. It never hurts and often turns a bad day into a good one.
“Lure Flavor is the longest lasting flavor on the market- guaranteed,” says Outdoor Brandz founder Jeff Williams. “Along with staying on the bait so you don’t have to spray it repeatedly, there are several other important factors that make this different. It’s user friendly with an easy to use spray. Whether cold or windy, the pump makes it easy to apply. One of the most important features is that it soaks into plastic, rubber or chenille. And, it can be used on live minnows.”
Since this is a penetrating type flavoring, it can be used to pre-soak plastic. Use a zip-lock type bag to place your tubes or other plastics, spray in the garlic flavor and the baits will be ready to go.
An easy spray bottle, non-messy, strong scent, and 100’s of sprays in each bottle makes this a good addition to your tacklebox. $7.99 per bottle.
For more information: Outdoor Brandz; Fle-Fly;

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