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Tip of the Month: Line Facts & Tips

By Dale Black Take care of your line and it will take care of you. (1) It’s true you should keep your line out of … Continue reading Tip of the Month: Line Facts & Tips

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By Dale Black

Take care of your line and it will take care of you. (1) It’s true you should keep your line out of the sun during storage because UV breaks down line. (2) Match the line to your technique. A 2- or 4-pound test nylon or fluoro is good with a jig because it sinks well due to the small line diameter and suppleness. (3) Suppleness vs. diameter is important for better handling and fewer loops. (4) Strength vs. diameter relates to strength of the line with fighting a fish being the end result. (5) The Gamma Line difference is a change in the molecular structure of the line that nobody else does. It gives a great strength and suppleness factor you need for a great line.

Dale Black is the President of Gamma Line. He loves all species fishing including chasing crappie.



Crappie Basics 80 Fishing Natural Standing Timber

Jeff Faulkenberry says standing timber is one of his favorite covers to fish. Crappie in lakes with natural timber are usually consistent to cover making them easier to catch day to day. In rivers the fish are more likely to move.
“The exact timber that crappie will be using changes. They may be on one type today and another tomorrow. They can be on the outside edges, in shallow or somewhere in between. A good place to start looking at Truman is a fence row or road bed.”
He hates clear water or muddy water. Stained water is best for vertical jigging, his favorite technique. Stained water lets the fish see the bait easily but the water isn’t so clear that the fish are spooky.
“The good thing about natural timber is that fish replenish often. If you catch a fish early this morning there will usually be another fish there in the afternoon.”
Faulkenberry is a guide out of Bucksaw Marina on Truman Lake with G3, MidSouth and Garmin being a few of his sponsors. or 660-477-3900.
Photo at Crappie Masters Truman Lake Ultimate Challenge June 21, 2014.

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