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Mr Crappie FishPick –Buck Knives             “The product was designed to be fully contained,” says Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall. “Take it apart to find … Continue reading Products

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Mr Crappie FishPick –Buck Knives

            “The product was designed to be fully contained,” says Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall. “Take it apart to find the diamond plated 4-inch steel pin (with 750 medium and 1200 fine grit) to sharpen knives. The edge is for hook sharpening. The end has a v-groove in it so you can put the “V” in the bend of a hook, push lightly, put a little pressure on the line, and the hook pops out of the fish. In comes with a 24 inch lanyard so it’s easy to keep with you, keep it contained when not in use and pop it apart when you need it. Good for any small fish species especially crappie.” MSRP $25.


Mojave Hat –Glacier Glove

            Sun protection is now a “cool thing to do” as it has been accepted by both professionals and weekend anglers. They’ve learned that not taking protection seriously now leads to terrible results in the future. A great way to start is with a Mojave hat that’s built with a long bill for added face protection, light khaki color with a dark under-bill, an adjustable chin strap, neck and ear protection and overall lightweight design. Glacier Glove’s Caolo Della Dordella says “Our hat has a mesh that protects your neck along with ventilation in the hat to help keep you cool around the neck, head and ears.” MSRP $25


Bug Band  –Bug Band

            A plastic wristband that is Deet-free and made with naturally-derived ingredients provides a protective shield around the immediate area keeping insects at a safe distance. The wristband works for 120 hours and can be stored and sealed between uses. It can also be worn on belt loops, hatbands or ankle. The natural smell makes it a great choice for recreational application. It comes in a variety of colors. “We have a variety of products including sprays and wipes that work great,” says owner Dan Ritter, “but our band is by far our most popular product.” MSRP $5


Micro Turtle  -Bombshell

            Crappie fishermen are always searching for a new bait and new look. You can’t deny this is not your typical crappie bait. The Micro Turtle imitates the shape of a newborn turtle hatchling and also has the distinctive finness swimming action that young turtles naturally produce. They are 1.5-inches long and come in eleven colors. They can be matched with Bombshell’s Micro Jigs available separately in 1/32-, 1/20- and 1/16-oz weights (5-pak MSRP $4.60). Micro Turtles 10-pak MSRP $2.50.


Splizzers –Buck Knives

            Splizzers are sissors and pliers all in on. These are desingned to cut any braid, even the light 10-pound braid often used by crappie fishermen that can be difficult to cut. They are made of 420 high carbon stainless so no rusting. This tool has crimping, forceps that lock, bottle opener, cutting and other chores. Their oversized handle allows a power grip and holster. Not inexpensive at $115 MSRP, but a tough tool to do the job right.


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