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By Larry Whiteley Thank God It’s April Thank God it’s April! To me, April is God’s gift to us after a long, cold winter that … Continue reading THE GREAT OUTDOORS

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By Larry Whiteley

Thank God It’s April

Thank God it’s April! To me, April is God’s gift to us after a long, cold winter that we didn’t think would ever end.

April is turkey hunting time and your heart beating faster as a big old gobbler comes into your calls.

April is the sounds of peeper frogs and whip-poor-wills. Buckeye trees are leafing out and Sarvis Berry trees are showing off their white blooms to be followed by the Dogwood and Redbud trees and their showy colors. Wildflowers begin popping through the dead leaves and so do morel mushrooms. And while looking for morels you never know when you’ll find a shed antler from a big buck.

April means limits of crappie, white bass and walleye. It’s matching the hatches on a trout stream. It’s big bass and battling smallmouth.

April is floating a river, hitting the hiking trails and getting your gear together for your first camping trip of the year.

There’s so much to do and so little time to do it. Call in sick and tell the boss you have a fever – “Spring Fever”.


Frog Foreast

Those loud amphibians the frog are said to croak even longer and louder than usual when bad weather is on the horizon. When you hear their volume increase, you can assume a storm is brewing and you better go close the windows.


 Communicating with Your Kids                                          

A great way to improve communication with your kids is involvement in outdoor traditions like fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking. Outdoor activities take you away from the distractions of everyday life and put you in touch with nature.

There are no TVs or smart phones (if you turn them off) that would interfere out in the great outdoors. It’s a perfect environment for listening and talking.


Don’t Make a Crow Mad

Crows can recognize the faces of humans who pose a threat to them or their habitat, and those memories can last a lifetime. Plus crows can live up to 15 years. So, if you get into a fight with one it might be time to start thinking about growing a moustache.

Crows also have their own language which varies from region to region. They also make tools and play tricks on each other. And, they still haven’t forgotten about you.


Be Proud of Who You Are

Hunters and anglers have championed clean water and air, prevention of soil erosion and healthy forests, conservation of our natural resources, and preservation of our fish and wildlife. All of this long before the current environmental and conservation movements became popular.

Be proud you are a hunter or angler because your commitment to our world continues to make a difference.


A Serious Camping Fact

The urgency of a late night bathroom trip while camping depends on the outside temperature, how complicated it is to get out of your mummy sleeping bag and how many layers of clothes you have on.



“Elections should be held on April 16th—the day after we pay taxes. That is one of the few things that might discourage politicians from being such big spenders.”

-Thomas Sowell

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