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Crappie Gear: Aqua-Vu — The Original Underwater Camera –

If you like to avoid the crowds by finding new spots to fish, the Aqua-Vu camera technology can help you do it. Used in conjunction … Continue reading Crappie Gear: Aqua-Vu — The Original Underwater Camera –

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If you like to avoid the crowds by finding new spots to fish, the Aqua-Vu camera technology can help you do it. Used in conjunction with other fish-finding technologies it can be an important tool in your arsenal whether you fish recreationally or follow the tournament trails.

Aqua-View was the first unit to have on-screen displays of water temp, depth and camera direction, LCD monitor, IR and LED light systems, DVRs and Digital Zoom.

Although tournaments do not allow its use in the tournament it can be used in practice to located structure and fish. What you see on the Aqua-Vu can confirm what your other equipment is telling you. It adds that important feature of actually being able to identify both species and size of the fish.

Crappie pro Dan Dannenmueller uses the high-quality submersible camera to help understand the underwater structure and the species of fish that it holds. The camera’s portability makes it adaptable to most situations with the angler deciding when and where to lower it.

When the unit is deployed with the Trolling Fin attached anglers can add a lure and watch real time bites as they happen.

“The positioning of fish around and in the structure can be clearly seen,” added Dannenmueller. “Using the Aqua-Vu has taught me how the crappies relate to the structure and how they relate to baitfish under varying conditions.”

“I have put different baits in front of the crappies and watched their reactions on the camera,” explained Dannenmueller. “Careful study reveals which presentation the fish like best. Sometimes they want it faster, sometimes slower, sometimes jerky, sometimes smooth, but that is determinable by observing their real time behavior on the screen.”

“I particularly like the feature that allows moving it to any angle for different views,” continued Dannenmueller. “And the cord is long enough to see those fish in deep water. I also like the infra-red lense which helps view fish in less than clear water. Finally, if you have the need one model allows you to record for study later.”

Seeing is believing. Being able to identify the species is a huge time saver for anglers. The feature is demonstrated here by “Crappie Dan” Dannenmueller.

Deployment is easy too. There is a crank on the unit to lower the camera as the depth is displayed on the screen. When viewing is complete the special reel makes easy work of returning it to the surface.

“Using the Aqua-Vu in conjunction with Garmin Live Scope allows me to verify what I am seeing,” Dannenmueller said. “Understanding their observed habits and movements helps me catch more crappie.”

“There is just nothing better than having an underwater view of actual fish,” concluded Dannenmueller. “Observing and studying them in their natural environment has definitely improved my crappie fishing.”


The Aqua-Vu camera comes from Outdoors Insight, Inc. Based in Central Minnesota the company builds other popular outdoors products including the iBall Trailer Hitch Camera ( and Odor Check Moisture and Odor Control System ( For more information on Aqua-Vu, visit

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