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WONDERFUL OCTOBER              If you love the great outdoors you probably wish every month was October. The beauty of the fall colors across this great … Continue reading THE GREAT OUTDOORS

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            If you love the great outdoors you probably wish every month was October. The beauty of the fall colors across this great land will stir your soul. Cooler temperatures give new energy for all the outdoor things there are to do in October.

October may find you sitting in a boat jigging for crappie or casting for bass as the beautiful fall colors reflect in the water around you. Fish will be feeding heavily storing up for the winter months. Some believe there is no better time to catch fish.

Canoeing or kayaking down an autumn river through a tunnel of colorful trees is a wonderful thing to do. The only sound you hear is rippling water. The cooler weather also makes for great hiking. When you reach that special place overlooking the valley below it will be worth the effort. It’s a perfect time for camping and campfires too.

October may find you sitting in a treestand waiting for a deer to come by your hiding place or in a blind waiting for a fall turkey to come walking by. If they do that’s a bonus. Just being out there is what’s really important.

The wonderful days of October won’t last long so get out there and savor every moment!



As the fall fishing season begins it’s a great idea to re-spool your reel with “fresh” fishing line. Sometimes we forget to do this, but after a spring and summer of fishing, many times new line is needed.



In Fairbanks, Alaska moose are banned from mating within the city limits. I wouldn’t want to be the one trying to enforce that law but now you know what you might not have known.



            The oldest buck on record was a tame deer named Henry the 2nd who lived almost 21 years. In the wild, a buck can reach 12 years but very few do because of disease or predators including us hunters.



One of the best reasons to go camping is the absolute majesty of God’s grand design of nature and all its awesome beauty. During fall, it’s even more fantastic.
Campsites at various places around the country reduce their rates when the weather gets cooler. Fall camping is the quietest, most beautiful time to be in our national parks and state forests.




            Have you ever wondered why geese fly in a V formation?

When each goose flaps its wings it causes an up draft for the bird behind helping it to fly with less effort. So each goose helps the other and the flock is able to fly much farther than one goose could alone.

When the lead goose in the V gets tired they take turns. All that honking noise you hear is their way of encouraging each other. If a goose gets sick or injured and flies to the ground two geese will join it to watch over it until it is able to fly again or it dies. Then they take off again to join up with their own flock.

It’s too bad more of us humans can’t be like geese flying in a V formation.



“I wish that every day was Saturday and every month was October.”
― Charmaine J. Forde


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