Crappie Basics

Crappie_Basics #202 – Stay Safe on the Ice 2

Crappie_Basics #202 – Stay Safe on the Ice

You will find some great ice fishing tips in this edition of CrappieNOW!. But the most important thing about ice fishing is KNOWING WHEN IT IS SAFE! The experts say you should never venture onto the ice until it is at least four inches thick. And always be aware if there might be flowing water underneath the ice that will create thin spots. Experts say five inches of ice will support most snowmobiles or ATV’s but never drive a car or truck onto the ice until it is a minimum of eight inches thick, preferably more. These guidelines are for new, clear solid ice. Many factors other than thickness can cause ice to be unsafe. Double the above thickness guidelines when traveling on white ice to ensure ice safety. Learn more at

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