Crappie Basics January 2020

Crappie_Basics #203 – Untwist Your Line

Crappie_Basics #203 – Untwist Your Line

Many anglers love to longline troll for crappie because it’s effective and you do actually get to reel the fish in, versus just lifting it into the boat. But trolling and reeling fish will invariably twist your line over time, especially if you reel in a lot of fish.

It is always a good idea to set aside just a few minutes at the end of your fishing day to untwist your line. All you need to do is reel a line in, cut the lure off and then feed the line back out behind the boat. You can even keep other lines fishing as you’re doing it.

The free line trailing loose and dragging in the water will untwist. As you are reeling it back in after a few minutes, stop occasionally and pull slack in the line between the first rod guide and the reel. If the line doesn’t twist up on itself you are good to go for your next trip to the water.

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