Crappie Basics January 2020

Crappie_Basics #204 – Countdown    

Crappie_Basics #204 – Countdown    

Avid and very experienced crappie angler Dickey Porter from Tennessee much prefers “single pole” fishing (casting for crappie) versus trolling or spider-rigging. He is known as “DrumKing” on the popular Internet Forum. Porter shares this crappie fishing tip.

“I count down my lures on every cast that I make,” said Porter. “I don’t haphazardly just cast and retrieve. That is a big waste of valuable time in my opinion. Electronics are great, but they don’t always tell the story. But the countdown method of presentation is the best way to start fishing.

“My first cast, I may not move the lure until I reach a 10 count. If I don’t get a bite by then, the next cast will count down to 13, and so on and so forth until I get a bite. Whatever the count is when I get the first bite, I will count each lure down to that count on every cast until the fish move.”

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