March 2020 Opening Cast

Opening Cast – March 2020

OPENING CAST – March is the month

March is the month for pre-spawn crappie in most areas south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Weather permitting, many techniques will work depending upon the factors which directly impact the spawn.  A couple important factors to watch are air and water temperature.

As the sun rises higher at an angle to the earth, we are blessed with longer days and warmer temperatures.  The suns rays warm the earth and the water rapidly and night temperatures cool them back down to some degree.

If you average the day and night temperatures by adding them together and dividing it by 2, this can give you an indicator as to impacts on lake water temperature.  If the lake was 52 degrees before you had a day at 70 degrees and a night of 60, then 70 + 60 = 130.  The 130 divided by 2 is 65 degrees.  Surface temp will rise and should indicate to you that the fish are going to react positively to this rise.  They will move up in the water column to the warmer water or move closer to their spawning grounds as well.

I had this happen while pre-fishing a tournament in Texas several years back and they moved from 10-20 feet of water to five feet of water along the shorelines.  The males will move in first.  If you have several days in a row of averages above the water temp.  It is definitely time to go crappie fishing.

Try this out and let me know how well you do!

Good fishn’ and God Bless,

Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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