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Crappie Tips: Caring for your Catch

Whether you are fishing a tournament or fishing for the freezer, a clean livewell goes a long way to keeping your fish healthy and alive throughout the day. (Photo: Richard Simms)


Caring for your Catch

A clean livewell can be critical in caring for your catch.

by Tim Huffman

Unless you are fishing a tournament, most crappie anglers plan to keep what they catch. Crappie filets make some of the best table fare of any fish in freshwater.

But caring for your fish is essential to ensure the best quality. Some anglers carry an ice chest and immediately put their catch on ice. Some say fish that have been iced down a while are actually easier to clean  (How To Filet Fish)

Most, however, use a livewell. The last thing you want is having crappie die in the livewell and sit for several hours while you’re trying to catch more – especially when water temperatures reach 60 and above. Professional tournament angler Phil Rambo is, of course, concerned about keeping his fish healthy and alive whether to eat or for the tournament weigh-in.

Rambo says, “We clean our livewell after every trip. We’ll just use a hose and flush it out well. We clean everything with clean water, no detergents or cleaning agents. The water may have a little chlorine in it but by letting it dry overnight and flushing it with lake water the next time out, it’s not a problem. We found by cleaning it every time our fish are healthier and stay alive much better.”

More on this and other great tips available in the book “Limiting Out for Crappie.”


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