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Crappie Tips: Step-by-Step August Crappie-Catching, by Richard Simms

This image from a depth finder shows a massive cloud of baitfish between 5 and 10 feet deep gathered beneath the lights under the boat. (Photo: Richard Simms)


Crappie Tips: Step-by-Step August Crappie-Catching

Tired of baking in the sun? Crappie fish after the sun sets.

by Richard Simms


It’s so simple it hurts.

Step 1: Go to and buy two of these, although one might be enough or three might be better.

Step 2: Then an hour or two before sunset go to the bait store and buy three dozen tuffies (fathead minnow), give or take.

Step 3: Take your boat to your nearest crappie lake, find any brushpile, creek channel or dropoff 10-25 feet deep. Hook up your lights to a battery and drop them in the water about three feet deep as the sun is setting.

Step 4: Sit back and watch your depth finder slowly fill with the image of bait fish blocking out the bottom.

Step 5: Put your tuffies on a crappie hook beneath a float, or straight-line them down close to the bottom.

Step 6: Catch crappie.

This may be over-simplified. You can read much more in this great article by CrappieNOW writer Brent Frazee. But night-time crappie fishing under lights really isn’t rocket science.

Just go do it and we are betting you will be pleasantly surprised by the experience, and the results.

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