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Crappie Basics – Fishing Intersections, by Tim Huffman

This screen grab from a Navionics App illustrates an excellent “intersection” where a creek channel intersects with a main channel.


Crappie Basics – Fishing Intersections

by Tim Huffman

Fish have “game trails” just like deer.


Deer hunters definitely know the benefits of hunting a well-worn game trail. But ideally, they want to find where two or more deer trails intersect. That increases their odds of having a deer come by.

Crappie fishermen might learn a thing or two from deer hunters.

Searching out places where a main channel and a side or creek channel intersects is always a good place to start a crappie search. Of course, today’s high-tech lake mapping can help you locate these spots quickly, even while you’re at home on the computer.

Side-imaging and Livescopes will help pinpoint stumps, brush or steep drop-offs at or near those intersections.

Cast to those spots, or if it’s especially deep you can use a more precise pinpoint presentation by vertical jigging.

More on this and other great tips available in the book “Limiting Out for Crappie.”

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