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Crappie Basics – Fish the Ledges, by Tim Huffman

For crappie, structure located on or near a ledge, or dropoff, is just like the perfect pit stop for us when we’re traveling on the highway. (Photo: Richard Simms)


Crappie Basics – Fish the Ledges, by Tim Huffman

Charles Bunting and his son, Travis, have garnered three national crappie championships along with numerous other titles.

The duo says Fall is a transition period when crappie are more likely to holding on, or traveling along, ledges, also called drop-offs. They especially prefer the ledges with cover. In some lakes that might be submerged standing timber. In other lakes it might be brush piles or stumps.

“We fish a lot of ledges,” said Charles.

Travis adds, “Crappie may be moving around, but some will stay close to a ledge. The fish will use the ledge for reference, but they will be chasing balls of shad that are also running the ledge. Find the right ledge and have a lot of fun.”

The duo says during the Fall transition they expect the most action when water temperatures are approaching 60 degrees.

More on this and other great tips available in the book “300+ Crappie Fishing Tips.”

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