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Crappie Basics – Fall Turnover, by Tim Huffman

Sometimes it can be difficult finding crappie in the fall turnover period but when you find them, you can often find lots of them. (Photo: Richard Simms)


Crappie Basics – Fall Turnover

by Tim Huffman

“You’re a hero or a zero in my part of the country in the fall,” said Oklahoma guide Todd Huckabee. “What’s bizarre is that they are likely to be in 22 feet of water or two feet. You never know where the best oxygen level will be for them.”

Finding fall turnover fish can be difficult but once you find them, they’ll all be together and you can quickly get your limit.

A couple of weeks following turnover, fishing improves dramatically. Huckabee looks for fish to be in patterns similar to spring. The crappie are gorging and must eat.

More on this and other great tips available in the book “300+ Crappie Fishing Tips.”

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