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Crappie Basics – Cold-blooded Crappie, by Tim Huffman

In the winter crappie often find one good spot they like and hold there for days, or even weeks. Find those spots and Tim Huffman says winter can be the best time to consistently catch limits. (Photo: Richard Simms)


Crappie Basics – Cold-blooded Crappie

by Tim Huffman

Everyone gets excited about springtime crappie fishing, but CrappieNOW Senior Writer Tim Huffman says wintertime can actually be the best time to consistently catch a limit of slabs.

A cold-blooded crappie slows down when the water gets cold. It often holds in the same area for long periods of time, along with its partners. But it doesn’t quit eating as some fishermen seem to think.

When you put a bait next to one, it will inhale it. The trick is to make slow presentations right in front of its nose.

Learn more about how to entice wintertime crappie on Page 116 of Huffman’s book, Limiting Out for Crappie, available on Amazon in paperback ($12.99) or Kindle ($3.99).

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