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Crappie Basics – Work as a Team on the Ice

Working as a team will increase your ice fishing odds. Initially everyone should spread out to locate areas holding fish. Then, once found, everyone can home in on the productive area. (Photo: Ken Perrotte)


Crappie Basics

Work as a Team on the Ice


Our friends at Bass Pro provide some key tips for ice fishermen.

Enjoy the Hunt and Fish as a Team

Teamwork will catch you more crappies. Working as a group helps you locate the best spots faster than doing it solo, especially beneficial when tackling large expanses of water. Take time to scout areas and review maps to develop a strategy with buddies. Once on the ice, spread out and drill lots of holes to cover ground.

Top Ice Fishing Spots

The following fishing spots serve as good starting points for your crappie search. In small, fertile lakes you can expect to find fish relating to deep holes or the main basin. They may also hold near healthy weeds until the vegetation dies off. In large lakes, crappie often occupy mid-depth flats or deep basin areas but will related closely to structures like points, islands, humps or at the base of drop offs.

Work the Entire Water Column

Crappies are renowned suspenders. Astute anglers fish the entire water column and catch more fish for their efforts. Slowly swimming baits down not only helps intercept suspending fish but the presentation’s more natural than dive-bombing lures.

Learn more from Bass Pro here.

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