March 2021 Opening Cast

Opening Cast – March 2021


It is almost unbelievable that it is already March. They say that, “March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb.” But don’t let that “lion” part keep you from going after some really big crappie this time of year. They will bite!!

Crappie fishing in the cold weather requires a little more preparation and protection.  A few things to consider are:

  • Bundle up with the proper clothing to match the weather conditions
    • Multiple clothing layers will keep body warmth in and the cold out
    • A good rain suite which matches the conditions. There are not many on the market that really keep you dry. A new company, Buck N’ Bass, has one on the market that I like.
    • Head covers such as sock hats and layered hoodies both are best. Most body temperature losses occur through our heads, hands and feet.
    • A good pair of gloves is a must. For fishing with fingertips exposed or not, I would get Gorilla Grips. You can fish with them, yet keep your hands warm. There are a couple of companies that produce hand warmers that you can place in your pockets. You can buy them almost anywhere that hunting items are sold.
    • For the feet, get a good pair of insulated boots. Again, there many places to get these and many are water resistant. The same companies that sell hand warmers, also produce versions for the feet. Inexpensive, but very desirable.
    • Take a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee to warm your inner body.

Before leaving the house, be sure to test all boat batteries as the cold weather really negatively affects them and this will keep you from getting on the water and getting stranded.

Lastly and most importantly, wear life jackets. Ensure that they are still serviceable and if cannister types, ensure they are in the green.  They can save your life

This time of year, can be a really good crappie fishing time for big fish.

God Bless, Be Safe and Have Fun

Dan Dannenmueller, Publisher

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