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Crappie Basics – Use a Blade

Spring, spawning-time crappie anglers often encounter murky water conditions. Many crappie professionals say using a bladed jig will increase your odds in muddy or stained water. (Photo: Richard Simms)


Crappie Basics – Use a Blade


Spring fishing for crappie often comes at the same time as some wind and rain. All too often, even on clear water lakes, crappie anglers face stained or even murky conditions.

Many fishing guides say that is the time to use bladed jigs to give your lures a little extra “flash.”

Wally Marshall, also known as “Mr. Crappie,” says, “For 25 years I’ve used a blade for crappie. I fish a lot of murky water and the blade gives more bites even when vertical jigging.”

Jim Reedy, a Missouri crappie tournament angler, says, I prefer the Pro Series Road Runners with willow leaf blades. They are a little longer and they seem to work better in stained water.”

You can read much more about what these guys, and many other famous fishermen, say in Tim Huffman’s book, “Limiting Out on Crappie,” available on Amazon.

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