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Crappie Basics 2 – May Flowers Mean Something

May Crappie

Spider-rigging multiple rods of the front of the boat is a tried-and-true crappie technique all across the country. In a the post-spawn period, it’s a great way to cover lots of water. (Photo: Richard Simms)


Crappie Basics – May Flowers Mean Something


What to do in May?

A while back asked some of the experts. Here’s what they had to say.

Dan Hudgens (Missouri) says, “At Kentucky Lake it will be post-spawn so fish will be scattered and suspended. They are hard to catch. However, if you move jigs fast or use crankbaits they will bite. Speed, color and depth are things you’ll have to figure out depending upon where the crappie are located and the depth where they are suspended.”

James Heflin (Alabama) says, “I do a lot of one-poling this time of year. I use a Bobby Garland jig on a 1/32-ounce head. I prefer a shorter 7-foot Ozark rod rigged with 4-pound test line. I target laydowns in about six feet of water and let the jig slow fall into the strike zones. Sometimes you lose a fish because of the light line but you get more bites.”

Phil Rambo (Indiana) says. “The spawn is usually over so work the channels and humps. If that doesn’t work start working your way shallow. Spider-rigging is a good method. Electronics are very important because they reduce the search time to find the crappie.”

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