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Lure of the Month: Eye Hole Jig, by Terry Madewell

The eyes of a baitfish are a key component of any lure’s profile. But when those eyes double as a scent attractor, you’ve got “winner-winner, crappie-dinner” formula. The Crappie Magnet Eye Hole jig is the “Lure of the Month” for December, 2023 for multiple reasons. As a stand-alone jighead and hook, the Eye-Hole Jig is […]

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Product Buzz

Product Buzz by Tim Huffman Eye Hole Jig, by Crappie Magnet No bait scent is needed when crappie are aggressively feeding. However, crappie are often neutral or negative so it’s important to have every advantage possible. Fishermen have frequently proven that a scent can increase the number of bites. Crappie Magnet has teamed up with [...]

Spooning with Crappie

Spoons can be used to catch crappie year-round, but they’re particularly effective during winter when crappie are holding near deep cover and structure. (Photo: Keith Sutton)     Use a Spoon for Cold Crappie Medicine by Keith Sutton Many crappie anglers fish only with jigs or minnows, but spoons are superb crappie-catchers, too.   When […]

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Eye Hole Jig Update

Eye Hole Jig’s newest offering is an attractive little 1/24th ounce hair jig.   About two years ago CrappieNOW shared the news of a unique new lure called the Eye Hole Jig. Owner Blake Phillips said, “We sold our first ones in August (2019) and it’s insane what they’re doing. We can hardly keep up [...]

Crappie NOW How – Early Summer Equipment and Tackle

Dan talks about his tackle and equipment changes as the season get hotter going from Spring to early Summer.  

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Crappie Gear: Eye Hole Jig by Gill Reaper Lures

This new jig head specially-designed to hold attractant niblets is taking the crappie fishing world by storm. There is a new jig head making waves in the crappie fishing world. It is called the Eye Hole Jig by Gill Reaper Lures. Gill Reaper Lures co-owner Blake Philips said, “We sold our first ones in August […]

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No Boat No Problem

by Ron Stallings Fishing from the bank is very productive for most species of fish. If you want to target crappie from the bank, use these techniques for the best success. Selecting a lake—The lake you choose will have several factors to consider. Slope of bank— the slope of the bank will most likely show […]

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Learn 2 Fish

Crappie Basics #189 Warming Weather – Tim Eberle

By the time June rolls around the weather is beginning to warm and the crappies are moving deeper and searching for a comfortable ambush spot for their next meal. Anglers who adjust their presentation to the crappie’s behavior will have the most luck catching them. “Concentrate on deeper water structure that time of year,” advises […]

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Slip bobbers around stumps

A slip bobber has a conical bulb and a tube at the top and bottom of the bulb in which the line is threaded and extruded.   by Vic Attardo A simple but effective method to pull crappie from stump beds.   If Lake Cowanesque in north-central Pennsylvania were a face and not a body […]

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Tip of the Month: Cypress Trees

Cypress trees are a good bet at Reelfoot Lake, just like at oxbows with cypress, Conway, and similar type lakes. A tree’s root system forms an umbrella and the fish will hang out under that umbrella. They like the shade. The only exception are the cypress trees near shore where the knees will hold the […]

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In the Spotlight Rhonda Reeve

by Tim Huffman Texas fisherman, more correctly fisherwoman, is a regular in national tournaments and the Crappie Anglers of Texas tournaments. She lives on Cedar Creek with husband Jay Don, but she considers home fishing waters to be Lake Fork. “I started fishing when I met Jay,” says Rhonda. “We jumped on a houseboat that […]

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