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Crappie Kids – Chastenation

Chasten Whitfield is a young lady going above and beyond to help other youngsters and fishing is her greatest tool.   Chasten Whitfield works to help disadvantaged kids forget their troubles for one day, usually by sharing the joys of fishing. “Fishing is the tool I use to reach out to kids and get them […]

Crappie Kids – How Old is That Crappie, by Scott Mackenthun

Crappie Kids – How Old is That Crappie, by Scott Mackenthun by Scott Mackenthun   CrappieNOW contributor Scott MacKenthun is also a professional fisheries biologist in Minnesota. Today Quinn MacKenthun joins her Dad to explore exactly how fisheries biologist can determine the age of a crappie. It is essential for biologists to be able to […]

Crappie Kids – Crappie Prepared to Chow Down

Crappie Kids – Crappie Prepared to Chow Down by Scott Mackenthun   Quinn and Cora MacKenthun join their Dad, Scott, to explain how crappie are specially adapted to feed on bait fish… and hopefully your lures or minnows.

Crappie Kids – Black Crappie vs White Crappie

by Scott Mackenthun Inexperienced crappie anglers, especially kids, often don’t realize there are two species of crappie – black crappie and white crappie. If you’re not familiar with them, on a quick glance you may not see the difference. Sometimes even experienced anglers think the primary difference is actually the color – black versus white. […]

Crappie Kids Corner: Minnows, by Scott MacKenthun

Walking into a bait shop with mom and dad, young anglers see a lot of different live baits for sale. In some parts of the country, they are likely to see a tank full of small fish for sale labeled “crappie minnows.” This month’s kid’s corner answers the question “what is a crappie minnow?”

Crappie Kids – Removing a Hook

Okay kids, you need to always be very careful whenever hooks are flying through the air. But, if you fish long enough, you or one of your friends is bound to accidentally get hooked. If it is an exceptionally large hook or in a difficult-to-reach spot, always head for a doctor’s office or emergency room.  […]

Crappie Kids: Sam and Max

Crappie Kids: Make Your Own Bait

For kids, many times collecting bait is half the fun of fishing… especially digging worms. But there are lots of ways to get bait, depending on what kind of fishing you want to do. Lots of folks love to use dough balls. They are especially good for carp and catfish. Learning how to make fish […]

CRAPPIE KIIDS: The Holly and Madison Fishing Show

Holly and Madison had a really good day fishing with CrappieNOW Editor/Guide Richard Simms. Richard decided at one point to “roll video” and the pressure was on these young ladies to produce. Could the youngsters come through? Watch and see. We guarantee some smiles.

CRAPPIE KIDS: Go at their own pace

It happens in lots of families, and to lots of kids. Parents or some kids can’t wait to go fishing. They’re always chomping at the bit. But other youngsters might not be very excited about the idea, especially if they are involved with other extracurricular activities. It is important to not pressure or push. Just […]

Crappie Kids

“Together helping our children catch their dreams” Kids Fishing and Education announced Emily Stocking as the new Managing Director. Her parents owned Everhart’s Tackle and Sporting Goods most of her childhood so she grew up in the outdoor industry. “I have fond memories of hearing fish stories, stocking shelves and bagging jigs. The smell of […]

Crappie Kids

RECRUITING, RETAINING AND REACTIVATING ANGLERS GAINING MOMENTUM   (As Reported by Fishing Tackle Retailer)   Recruiting, retaining and reactivating (R3) anglers and boaters is continuing to gain momentum, both in helping to reach the 60 in 60 goal and in working to secure valuable funding for state conservation programs. It’s RBFF’s vision that every state […]

Crappie KIDS: Bass Pro Shops Donates 40,000 Rods & Reels

According to, Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris challenged families everywhere to get off the couch and head outdoors to discover the fun of fishing this summer. The donation of 40,000 rods and reels to nonprofit organizations help kids from all backgrounds connect to the outdoors. The effort is part of Gone Fishing, a […]

Crappie Kids

Twenty Sixth Annual Camp 7 Kids Fishing Day Attracts Over 350 Youth Saturday, June 10th was Michigan’s Free Fishing Weekend along with National Fishing Week and the NPAA and Learn 2 Fish With Us were present helping to educate youth and families on the skills needed to fish.  Kids Fishing Day was held at Camp […]