Available Ad Space

CrappieNow Sponsor Level Packages

Digital Ad Sizes, Prices, Specs

1)  Title Sponsor Top of Home Page Banner ( $500.00 ) per mo.

2)  Home Page Ad In Between Categories ( $350.00 ) per mo.

3)  Home Page Side Bar Ad Upper Section ( $200.00 ) per mo.

4)  Home Page Side Bar Ad Lower Section ( $50.00 ) per mo.

5)  Top of Page Banner ( $300.00 ) per mo.

6)  Bottom of Article Pages ( $200.00 ) per mo.

7)  Monthly Newsletter Banner ( $100.00 ) per mo.

12 Month frequency earns you a 10% discount. In-house development costs of ad production and videos are available at reasonable prices.

Ad Formats Accepted: Jpeg, and PNG files with the art sized to the specs of the banner at 100%.

CrappieNOW can customize your artwork. We can make your ad animated to turn flat art into rich media. Contact us today to learn more on how we can make your ad visually engaging to reach your target audience.

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