February 2024



In January, I started off the year attending and presenting at the annual National Professional Anglers Association conference held in Ft. Meyers, Florida.  With more than 100 fisher people, industry representatives, speakers and fishing educators, it was an awesome event.  This association is for all fishing industry professionals and fisher men and women.

The conference spans two-and-a-half days and is packed with very informational presentations, round tables and discussions between the best of the best.  Whether you want to work or play in the fishing industry, be a guide, tournament angler or learn more about how to fish for various species, this is the association.

Berkley Beefing Up on the Crappie Market, by Richard Simms, CrappieNOW Editor

Aaron Wavra, a Senior Product Manager for Berkley Fishing, admits that, while fairly well-known in the northern states, Berkley is likely being outpaced in marketing to crappie anglers in the South. Berkley Beefing Up on the Crappie Market by Richard Simms, CrappieNOW Editor I recently ran a quick, totally unscientific survey on my Facebook page. […]

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Fishing Prespawn, The Devil is in the Details, by Keith Sutton

A fishing trip during the prespawn period may require anglers to bundle up against the cold, but slab crappie like this often fall to savvy late-winter anglers. (Photo: Keith Sutton) Fishing Prespawn, The Devil is in the Details by Keith Sutton   During the weeks just before crappie begin spawning activities, savvy anglers pay close […]

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Rod Holder Basics, A Critical Detail, by Tim Huffman

The key to a good setup includes holders that keep rods in the boat, rods are easy to reach, and holders allowing easy rod removal when there is a bite or a fish is on. (Photo: Tim Huffman)   Rod Holder Basics, A Critical Detail by Tim Huffman   Just like everything else in the [...]

Electronics: Maximizing Your View with Grid Lines, by Brad Wiegmann

LIS grid lines can be turned on or off by going to the menu. (Photo by Brad Wiegmann)   The first thing many anglers remove from their forward or down live imaging sonar (LIS) screen is grid lines. Grid lines are an overlay of range lines shown in a square grid. Increments of each square […]

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Destination: Caddo Lake Crappie, by Keith Lusher

Deep channels like this one are prime fishing spots for catching February crappie at Caddo Lake. (Photo: Keith Lusher)   Destination: Caddo Lake Crappie by Keith Lusher It’s been said by some that there isn’t another body of water that comes close to comparing to Caddo Lake. The previous Mayor of Uncertain, Texas (yes, that’s […]

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Lure of the Month: The Minnow Mind’R, by Terry Madewell

The Minnow Mind'R literally 'minds' the minnow to keep it in position to run true. Louisiana crappie guide and pro angler Steve Danna likes the versatility of the new Bobby Garland offering. (Photo: Terry Madewell)     Lure of the Month: The Minnow Mind’R by Terry Madewell   The Minnow Mind'R literally 'minds' the minnow [...]

Tune Up Your Tackle, by Steve McCadams

Fishing line is the most important thing between you and the fish. String your reels with new line and don’t cut corners by starting the fishing year off with last fall’s monofilament. (Photo: Steve McCadams)   Tune Up Your Tackle by Steve McCadams   When winter winds howl and temps fall below normal, cabin fever […]

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Crappie Basics: Cold Weather Tips from Bobby Garland, by Richard Simms, CrappieNOW Editor

When snow starts to fall most of us have a tendency to curl up inside beside the fireplace, or a heater as the case may be. But our friends at Bobby Garland say, once it is safe to travel, don’t ignore some great cold weather crappie opportunities. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Crappie Basics: Cold Weather […]

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The Great Outdoors, by Larry Whiteley

It was a February day. I was planning to go out crappie fishing with my son. We live in the Midwest, so winters usually are not too bad. When I looked out the window, the wind was blowing so hard the snow was falling horizontally, not vertically, and the roads were icy. We would wait […]

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CN How To Crappie Scents Feb 2024

Crappie Dan talks about using crappie scents on jigs.

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CN How To Gamma Frog Hair Corks Feb 2024

Crappie Dan talks about Gamma Frog Hair Bobbers

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