January 2020 Issue

New Ranger Boats RB200 Crappie Boat

Crappie Dan highlights Ranger’s new RB200 center console pad boat with a 150 HP outboard rating is perfect for the crappie fishermen everywhere.

BnM Poles & Garmin Live Scope for 2020 (Part 1)

Crappie Dan discusses his choice of BnM Poles and techniques using the Garmin Live Scope technologies for 2020.  The techniques are a game changer to catch slab crappie.

Crappie_Basics #204 – Countdown    

Crappie_Basics #204 – Countdown     Avid and very experienced crappie angler Dickey Porter from Tennessee much prefers “single pole” fishing (casting for crappie) versus trolling or spider-rigging. He is known as “DrumKing” on the popular Crappie.com Internet Forum. Porter shares this crappie fishing tip. “I count down my lures on every cast that I make,” said […]

Crappie_Basics #203 – Untwist Your Line

Crappie_Basics #203 – Untwist Your Line Many anglers love to longline troll for crappie because it’s effective and you do actually get to reel the fish in, versus just lifting it into the boat. But trolling and reeling fish will invariably twist your line over time, especially if you reel in a lot of fish. […]

Crappie Kids – Removing a Hook

Okay kids, you need to always be very careful whenever hooks are flying through the air. But, if you fish long enough, you or one of your friends is bound to accidentally get hooked. If it is an exceptionally large hook or in a difficult-to-reach spot, always head for a doctor’s office or emergency room.  […]


Crappie Shrimp Sauce & Butter Sauce by Vernon Summerlin Cayenne pepper is one of my favorite tongue teasers and an ingredient in many hearty dishes, from chili in the American southwest to curry in India. It is a small red pepper initially used by nomadic Central and South American people. The early explorers Ferdinand Magellan […]


THE GREAT OUTDOORS by Larry Whiteley WELCOME TO 2020 Welcome to 2020 and I hope it is a “New Year” in many ways. I hope it’s a year that politicians realize that they work for us the taxpayer and not for their own gain. I hope this year the news media discover that many of […]

Crappie Gear – Rigging a Cork & Jig

Bobby Garland Pro-staff member Justin Berry walks through his “go to” set up when using a cork and jig.  This is a timeless crappie catching technique for bank fishing, or anyone wanting to catch more crappie. Get more great tips from Bobby Garland Crappie TV

Cold-Weather Crappie in the Twin Cities

Cold-Weather Crappie in the Twin Cities by John E. Phillips Crappie pro Davis Lenzen, from Hudson, Wisconsin, on the border of Minneapolis-St Paul, often known as the Twin Cities, is living the dream of many crappie fishermen. He fishes small lakes in western Wisconsin and the St. Croix and the Mississippi rivers year-round. “With crappie […]

Double Rigs for Winter Crappie

Double Rigs for Winter Crappie by Tim Huffman Not all double-hook crappie rigs are created equally. For many anglers, double-hook minnow rigs are the go-to choice for slow trolling and spider rigging. Sinker weight is adjusted for the situation while two minnows entice crappie at two different depths. The following three rigs are good choices. […]

Wintertime Crappie in North Alabama

Wintertime Crappie in North Alabama by John E. Phillips How to Catch a Limit of Alabama Crappie in Cold Weather Lake Guntersville  Carter mainly fishes Lake Guntersville in North Alabama. Unlike folks to the far north, ice fishing is unheard of here. However, winter temperatures can still be brutal. Fortunately, the crappie don’t mind. Carter […]

Waypoints: Learning to Teach

Waypoints: Learning to Teach by Geremy Olson There are a lot of things about fish we may think we have figured out. It isn’t until we start to teach what we know, that we really start to learn. I grew up on a small river in North Dakota and this is where my love of […]

Crappie Days Coming in Arkansas and Missouri

Crappie Days Coming in Arkansas and Missouri by Ron Wong Missouri is known as “The Show Me State.” Along with Arkansas, what it can show you is some plentiful crappie. As the weather starts to warm in late winter, many of us start to experience bad cabin fever and the itch to catch some crappie […]

Straight-Line Reels for Winter Crappie

Straight-Line Reels for Winter Crappie by Mike Gnatkowski They might look like a fly fishing reel but many ice fishermen say straight-line reels catch them more fish. Many ice fishermen have reverted to old school ways using straight-line reels rather than spinning reels. Here’s why. Straight-line reels have been around as long as the wheel […]