June 2023

June 2023 Cover



Well, the calendar says it is spring, but this month sure has been a mixed bag of warm and cold even here in the South.  It not only has we humans confused but also the crappie.

One day, I am in my NorFin USA cold weather gear to keep warm on the water, and the next day I’m in shorts!

The crappie have been moving up only to be forced back to deeper water by the cold.

Hopefully by the time you read this we ‘ll be back in a consistent warm pattern. But when the weather goes volatile, you might ask how can you catch the crappie consistently with changing weather conditions.  Here are a few recommendations

Kentucky Lake Crappie Fishing

Longtime crappie guide and outdoor writer Steve McCadams says on Tennessee’s Kentucky Lake, fishermen can usually find great crappie fishing at the end of the rainbow. (Photo: Richard Simms)     Destination: Paris Landing State Park, Tennessee by Keith Sutton A trip to this Kentucky Lake hideaway may be just what the doctor ordered for […]

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Best Crankbait Colors

The complete line of deep diving PICO crankbaits covers every fishing color you would ever need to troll with, wherever you fish. (Photo: Brad Wiegmann)     Choosing Crankbait Colors by Brad Wiegmann   What comes in more colors than a bag of Skittles? The answer is crankbaits designed for trolling for crappie. The huge […]

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Don’t Forget Minnows

A Road Runner tipped with a minnow is a deadly bait for slow trolling, dipping and other techniques. Give crappie a choice of spinner or no-spinner and let them show you which one they like. (Photo: Tim Huffman)   Minnow Basics, Tips & Tricks by Tim Huffman   No one can deny that live minnows […]

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Crappie Basics: Minnow Buckets

Yeti coolers cost hundreds of dollars, but professional crappie anglers Steve Coleman and Ronnie Capps spare no expense in keeping their live minnows lively. You probably don’t have to spend that much, but good bait management can mean more crappie on your stringer or in your livewell. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Crappie Basics: Best Bait […]

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Crappie Basics: Catch Crappie in June

Steve McCadams insists that June is perhaps the most overlooked month of the year for catch quality crappie.   Crappie Basics: June Often Overlooked and Underrated by Richard Simms, CrappieNOW Editor   Steve McCadams has been a professional crappie fishing guide on Tennessee’s Kentucky Lake for nearly 40 years. There are very few crappie fishing […]

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Electronics by Wiegmann

Broken Transducer Cable? You have 3 Options by Brad Wiegmann   If you haven’t broken a transducer cable on your electronics, you probably will sooner or later. Even though sonar transducer cables appear to be flexible and well fortified, in reality these cables can easily be pinched, pulled or cut resulting in a broken connection [...]

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors by Larry Whiteley   A SPECIAL FATHERS DAY As he sleeps there’s a smile on his face. He must be dreaming about going fishing. He feels someone kissing him on the cheek. Through sleepy eyes he sees Mom. In his grogginess he hears her say, “You better get up, it’s Father’s Day […]

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Lure of the Month

Lure of the Month: Micro Shad FryZ by Terry Madewell An appealing and highly durable soft-plastic lure that will catch multiple fish without having to be replaced. Soft plastic lures designed for crappie fishing are by nature, considered delicate morsels replicating a profile of something crappie love to eat. When Z-Man Fishing products angler David [...]

Hand-tied Crappie Jigs

A small sampling of hand-tied crappie jigs, plus the necessary tools for tying. Left to right, the tools are head cement, hackle pliers, bobbin threader, bobbin and scissors.   DIY Crappie Jigs by Darl Black   There is no way to prove it, but there is a good chance the very first artificial fishing lure [...]

The Reel Deal

Lindsey Lucas and her Dad, Kody, with a few crappie they put in the boat with some proven techniques.               Unlocking the Secrets of June by Lindsey Lucas Crappie fishing in June must be one of my favorite times to fish. The warm weather combined with family time and […]

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Ron Stalling & Crappie Dan Discuss Fun Fishing in the Outdoors

Ron Stallings from Team Crappie and Crappie Dan discuss family fun fishing.

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Crappie Dan Talks About Gamma Line

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