Opening Cast – Oct 2023

Opening Cast


Dan Dannenmueller


Richard Simms


Tim Huffman


Matt Mullikin


Brent Frazee
Keith Lusher
Mike Gnatkowski
Larry Whiteley
Terry Madewell
Keith Sutton
Brad Wiegmann
Lindsey Lucas


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Fall colors mean football and hunting seasons. For many anglers, crappie fishing might take a back seat. But those in the know are going to be on the water catching crappie with the changing colors – and they might have it all to themselves.

Photo by Steve McCadams

The Opening Cast

Dan Dannenmueller


Innovation in anything we do is a must. 

Keeping an ezine and its related social media channels abreast of the latest production and distribution methods is as challenging as new electronics capabilities – not to mention content subject selections.

My CrappieNOW and CatfishNOW teams are dedicated to meet and exceed your expectations.

So where are we headed next?

First, we have had many inquiries about still providing a printed version of our monthly ezines (electronic magazines). Printed versions are often cost prohibitive, but I think I have found a way to do it and it will probably only cost you the reader $15 per monthly edition. We are currently working with Amazon to possibly achieve this goal. We will let you know as soon as this becomes live.

Secondly, the demand for videos, especially reels, is extremely high. The subject matter is how-to’s and their potential results. We acted on your requests and have focused our team on posting reels to all channels with beginner level how-to videos, which will help you to be able to fish anywhere, anytime.

Thirdly, we are constantly tweaking the format of the ezine websites to make them more mobile friendly, easier to use and fresh with content.  We are currently looking at even fresher presentation designs to make the site more user-friendly.

With all these and other changes recently, you have reacted very positively by visiting and engaging with the channels and websites to the point that we reached 1.2M for CrappieNOW in August and more than 1.9M for CatfishNOW.  We thank you for visiting, viewing and engaging on our websites and social media channels.  If there is anything more, we need to focus on, please reach out to us at



God bless and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

Dan Dannenmueller – PUBLISHER

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