December 2022

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As the end of 2022 quickly approaches, my head is spinning as to where did the time go!  So much has happened in our sport of crappie fishing.  I felt a quick recap of some really important impacts to both the sport, me personally and the progress in CrappieNOW publishing might be in order.

Post COVID has the fishing industry still going strong but back to pre-COVID license sales.  Product delivery delays and back orders are now arriving to the smaller U.S. market.  This creates a saturated market that is smaller at this time.  Add in inflation, higher interest rates, outrageous gas prices and less household spendable cash, this creates a perfect storm.

Merry Christmas Crappie

Mitch Glenn, owner of Pico Lures, is in the Christmas spirit with this nice cold-water slab. (Photo: Tim Huffman)     Making Christmas Memories by Tim Huffman   Every person reading this likely has special memories of Christmas. Perhaps a special gift, a special experience or special people – maybe all of the above. For [...]

Crappie Chronicles

The Crappie Chronicles team works to spread out and find fish as they roam through shallow areas. Teamwork in all facets of fishing and show creation help make ‘The Crappie Chronicles’ successful. (Photo courtesy Adam Bartusek)   Crappie Chronicles Returns to YouTube by Scott Mackenthun   The 2022-2023 ice fishing year will kick off the […]

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Ice Fishing Gear: Stay Warm & Comfortable!

Striker Predator series bibs and the Otter XT Pro X-Over Lodge flip-over-style thermal shelter won’t come cheap, but they’ll keep you warm and toasty on the ice far longer, allowing you to catch more fish. (Photo: Ken Perrotte)     Staying warm while ice fishing for crappie by Ken Perrotte   Whether you’re sitting on […]

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Crappie Thrive in Coosa River Reservoirs

Capt. Lee Pitts says the white crappie and black crappie get big on both Neely Henry and Weiss. (Photo: David Rainer)   Pitts Hooked on Winter Crappie Fishing on Coosa Reservoirs by David Rainer, Alabama Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources   If you love to head to the woods this time of year to […]

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Time to Update Your Boat’s Wiring System

These days many boats are outfitted with lots of electronics on the bow and at the console. Is your wiring adequate to be able to handle the load? To ensure maximum quality and performance, many boats – especially older models – may require a serious wiring upgrade. (Photo by Brad Wiegmann).   Wiring for Power-Hungry […]

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Free Online Crappie Fishing Lessons

Matt Xenos has been producing crappie fishing video for more than three years. But now he’s compiled a special series he says will help every crappie fisherman catch more fish from “Start to Finish.”     East Tennessee crappie fishing expert Matt Xenos has been producing videos specifically for crappie anglers for more than three [...]

Longline Trolling for Crappie

Ed McCoy shows off two good reasons it might never be too early to start longline trolling for pre-spawn crappie – at least anywhere the water isn’t frozen. (Photo: Richard Simms, CrappieNOW Editor)     Crappie Basics: Time to Think Longlines by Richard Simms, CrappieNOW Editor   Longlining for crappie is one of the best [...]

Christmas Like It Used To Be

The Great Outdoors by Larry Whiteley   CHRISTMAS LIKE IT USED TO BE The magical day of Christmas is almost here. Time with family and friends is special to me. I love the smiles, the laughter, the good food and watching kids open their presents. Christmas day is also my birthday. I was born in […]

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Different Types of Crappie

Lindsey Lucas shows off a respectable white crappie. While not extremely distinct, one way to distinguish white crappie from black crappie is the pattern of vertical bars or stripes on the side.     The Reel Deal: Different Kinds of Crappie by Lindsey Lucas   “Set the hook,” shouted Jordan Isaacs with Freedom Guide Service. [...]

Crappie Dumplings: Holiday Crappie Recipes

Crappie for Christmas by Vernon Summerlin   In keeping with the season, I’ve chosen a few special recipes. Depending on your winter weather, you may have to fish in your freezer for fillets to make crappie dumplings. Dumpling is our English word for an ancient delicacy called wonton. In American-Chinese cuisine, wontons are served in […]

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Close Up Look at the Bobby Garland Mayfly

Crappie Dan talking with Gary Dollahon about Bobby Garland Mayfly baits.

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How To Use A New Garmin Device

Crappie Dan talks about how to use a new Garmin device.

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