March 2023

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he March Issue of CrappieNOW features two new regular items we think readers will enjoy and appreciate

First, look at the Main Menu above and you will find a new section called, “Find a Guide.” The new section features a healthy list of professional guides sorted alphabetically, first by state and then by business name.

Cane Poles Still Work

Cane poles allow anglers to reach deep into weed beds you would never be able to cast to   Cane Poles Still Work Wonders by Scott Mackenthun   For anglers of a somewhat “advanced” age, cane pole fishing probably represents some of their earliest crappie fishing memories. However, cane poles are a rare sight in […]

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Mom and Pop Jig Companies

Riley Daniel holds proof that his hand-tied jigs (RD’s Jigs) can produce some big results.     Small Business, Big Crappies by Brent Frazee Mom & Pop hand-tied jigs lure customers   Fearless Jigs For a guy who was a late bloomer in fishing, Zac Church never could have imagined he would one day be […]

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Lure of the Month

This nice crappie fell for a 1/16th ounce Pro Series Road Runner jig with a gold willow leaf blade, longline trolled on the Tennessee River in March. (Photo: Richard Simms)     Lure of the Month: Road Runner by Terry Madewell A tried and true crappie-catcher   (Editor’s Note: Please welcome outdoor writing veteran, Terry […]

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Does Color Matter

Nobody knows EXACTLY what a fish sees… lure colors vary and are altered dramatically by water clarity and depth. So, is lure color still important or does lure presentation usually rule the day? (Photo: Richard Simms)   Crappie Basics: Does Color Matter? Editor Richard Simms says, “Not always.” I will not lie. In my crappie [...]

Economic Impact of Fishing

Visit the web page below and find out what the most recent research shows fishermen are spending in YOUR state.   Crappie Basics: Economic Impact of Fishing ASA and Southwick Associates created a series of one-page infographics for all 435 Congressional districts in all 50 states. These results report the economic contributions to the respective […]

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Best Crappie Lakes 2023

Mississippi power troller Les Smith holds a summer crappie taken on a large Pro Series Crappie Magnet, a spinner head jig. His choices for best lakes include Arkabutla, Grenada and Sardis (in that order), all in our top 12 list. (Photo: Tim Huffman)   An Even Dozen Best Crappie Lakes for 2023 by Tim Huffman […]

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Major Merger

Niblets in an Eye Hole Jig plus Crappie Magnet plastics equals the perfect slab-catching combo.   Crappie Basics: Major Merger of Lure Companies Crappie Magnet has teamed up with Eye Hole Jig to bring revolutionary products to the crappie fishing world. Through this merger, Blake Phillips, the inventor of the Eye Hole Jig, and his […]

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Electronics by Wiegmann

Anglers can change chart speed to faster, slower or factory setting. (Photo by Brad Wiegmann). Changing Chart Speed for Better Sonar Imaging by Brad Wiegmann Fishfinders collect data and display it on a screen and with the exception of live imaging sonar, the imaging scrolls from right to left. Everything you are seeing is the [...]

The Great Outdoors

SAYING GOODBYE TO WINTER The end of winter, according to our calendars, is March 20th. For some parts of the country, that may be true. In others, winter will linger on for a while. Wherever you live, you would be hard pressed to find anyone sad to see winter end. Especially fishermen. Soon the black […]

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American Crappie Trail

The top team on the professional crappie circuit these days, Hayden and Dan Jeffries – fishing under the ACT circuit’s new “Catch, Weigh and Release” format – seem to be unbeatable so far. (ACT Photo)   American Crappie Trail Goes to “Catch, Weigh and Release” Format   Seemingly following in the footsteps of the Major […]

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NPAA’s mission is to increase the professionalism of the sport as it works to grow and protect sportfishing.     Special NPAA Discount for CrappieNOW Readers by Richard Simms, CrappieNOW Editor   The National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) is a non-profit, member-based association dedicated to sportfishing. For a limited time CrappieNOW readers can get a [...]

Planer Board Crappie

Guide Corey Thomas (left) says using planer boards has dramatically improved his crappie trolling success, especially in the clear waters of Dale Hollow Lake.   Up Your Crappie Game with Planer Boards by Greg McCain   Trollers have long dealt with the problem of spooking fish while approaching too close or passing over them. Whether […]

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Product Buzz

Product Buzz by Tim Huffman   Charlie Brewer Slider – Midsize Grub Slider Grubs have a long history of catching crappie. The 2.5-inch Midsize Grub is their newest addition to their quality lineup of baits. A Midsize Grub is a great choice for an all-in-one body because it has any length a fisherman might need. […]

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The Reel Deal

Lindsey goes ice fishing for the first time ever. Accompanied by her mother, Rachel, and father, Kody, the Lucas family was hosted by Hank Kohler on a 3-day adventure on the ice.     The Reel Deal: Snow Dogging for Minnesota Slabs by Lindsey Lucas   Minnesota is known as the North Star State because [...]

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