Opening Cast – March 2023

Opening Cast


Dan Dannenmueller


Richard Simms


Tim Huffman


Matt Mullikin


Terry Madewell
Kenneth Keiser
Brent Frazee
Larry Whiteley
Vernon Summerlin
Brad Wiegmann
Lindsey Lucas


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Many anglers, especially those in the “senior” category, cut their teeth using cane poles. But you rarely see one these days. The materials used to make “cane poles” may have been modernized, but the time-honored technique is still alive and well for some anglers. And it clearly works!

Photo by Scott MacKenthun

The Opening Cast

by Richard Simms


The March Issue of CrappieNOW features two new regular items we think readers will enjoy and appreciate.

First, look at the Main Menu above and you will find a new section called, “Find a Guide.” The new section features a healthy list of professional guides sorted alphabetically, first by state and then by business name.

The CrappieNOW bean counters are not real happy about it, but this is a FREE listing for bona fide guides. Our goal is to serve our readers and we hope this will help you track down a guide for either a quick getaway or maybe the crappie fishing trip of a lifetime.

At this writing we have listed 21 guides from 12 states, but we know there are more guides out there. If you are a guide, or know of any who aren’t already listed, please have them e-mail me at and I’ll provide them instructions on how to submit their listing.

Secondly, with mixed feelings we announce the retirement of our resident crappie chef, Vernon Summerlin. Vern decided it was time to focus more on catching crappie, than writing about how to cook them. He has been a regular CrappieNOW columnist for more than ten years and we cannot thank him enough for his generous, and delectable contributions.

If you are a fan of crappie recipes, please remember that you can simply type in the word “recipes” in our Search box above and you will find a HUGE backlog of Vern’s past offerings.

But, we decided to take this opportunity to go a different direction with our regular columns. We are proud to introduce Terry Madewell as the regular, monthly contributor of our “Lure of the Month” column.

Terry will be highlighting the best in crappie-catching lures, their history and how you can best put them to use to put more fish in your livewell.

Terry hails from Ridgeway, S.C., and has been an outdoor writer for more than 40 years. He holds a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management and has a long career as a professional wildlife biologist/natural resources manager and is still passionate about sharing, and enjoying, the great outdoors with others.

We hope you will enjoy these new offerings, again all FREE from CrappieNOW and our gracious sponsors.




Richard Simms, Editor

“The outdoors is not a place, it’s a state of mind.”

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