May 2020

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Crappie of the Chickahominy

Lake Chickahominy’s crappie tend to average between 9 and 11 inches, with larger fish often found. It is more of a “fun fishery” than a “trophy fishery,” a trophy crappie in Virginia being any fish longer than 15 inches or weighing more than 2 pounds. (Photo: Ken Perrotte) Crappie of the Chickahominy Stories Flow in […]

Texas Lake O’ the Pines in May

Les Milligan catches slabs like this one during the spring and summer months at Lake O’ the Pines. He said the biggest crappie he’s ever caught there weighed 3.2 pounds.   Texas Lake O’ the Pines in May Catching crappie on the prettiest lake in Texas by John Phillips Crappie pro Les Milligan of Longview, […]

Destination: Mississippi River Crappie in LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Mississippi River black crappie, near Lacrosse, Wisconsin, are pre-spawn and fiesty in May. They’ll hit typical baits but this Wisconsin crappie liked a small Rebel crawfish crank. (Photo: Anthony Larson) Mississippi River Crappie in LaCrosse, Wisconsin In May Mississippi River crappie near LaCrosse, Wisconsin are ready and willing to eat.   by Tim Huffman LaCrosse, […]

Crappie Tips: Caring for your Catch

Whether you are fishing a tournament or fishing for the freezer, a clean livewell goes a long way to keeping your fish healthy and alive throughout the day. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Caring for your Catch A clean livewell can be critical in caring for your catch. by Tim Huffman Unless you are fishing a […]

Crappie Kids – Crappie Prepared to Chow Down

Crappie Kids – Crappie Prepared to Chow Down by Scott Mackenthun   Quinn and Cora MacKenthun join their Dad, Scott, to explain how crappie are specially adapted to feed on bait fish… and hopefully your lures or minnows.

CrappieNOW How to Filet Crappie

CrappieNOW How to Filet Crappie by Richard Simms There are plenty of different ways to prepare your crappie catch for the table. Of course, every month Vernon Summerlin provides us with some amazing recipes. But before you cook them, you have to clean them. CrappieNOW Editor Richard Simms provides a video demonstration of his preferred […]

Crappie Tips: Trolling Crankbaits

Many times, when trolling crankbaits anglers may not catch as many crappie, but the ones they do catch are likely to be quality fish. (Photo: Richard Simms) Crappie Tips: Trolling Crankbaits When trolling crankbaits, keeping up with depth and line length is essential. by Tim Huffman When the post-spawn rolls around crappie anglers need to […]

The Great Outdoors

A TIME FOR FISHERMEN May is a time for fishermen to over indulge themselves. It’s a time to sample all the great fishing that May has to offer. Mornings are made for fan casting rocky points for walleyes before jigging for slab crappie until sundown. The next day might be roll casting wooly worms under […]

Nebraska Crappie Fest

Rick Dykstra with a stringer of specks from Kansas’ Millford Reservoir caught while pitching docks. (Photo: Mike Gnatkowski) Nebraska Crappie Fest Check out these Midwest crappie hotspots by Mike Gnatkowski Crappie fishing on Nebraska reservoirs can be feast or famine, but just like Kansas, there has been a crappie boom following the recent years of exceptionally […]

Kung Pao Crappie

Kung Pao Crappie Tried and true delicious dish       by Vernon Summerlin     China has been known for a number of killer viruses—this ain’t one of them. This is an old tried-n-true delicious dish. You’ll find a version of this on most Asian food menus served spicy hot or not. Although Kung […]

Waypoints: Passion & Hard Work

When we teach kids how to fuse hard work and passion great things happen like raising $12,500 for a good cause. Photo by: Geremy Olson   Waypoints: Passion & Hard Work Learning to fish and live life. by Geremy Olson WayPoint: You can have all the passion in the world and achieve nothing. Passion fused […]

Corona Virus: Food for Thought

CrappieNOW Editor Richard Simms has always pursued wild game and fish mostly for the thrill of the hunt. But the Corona Virus Crisis made him realize the possibility, however remote, that for the first time in modern-day history, the time could come when people must hunt and fish for food. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Corona […]

Slab Runners with Bobby Garland

Weedless Slab Runners feature Bobby Garland Baby Shads and Road Runner heads. Weed guards are angler adjustable to fit any situation. Available in 1/16 and 1/8 ounce sizes and 20 fish catching colors.