Oct 2023



Innovation in anything we do is a must.

Keeping an ezine and its related social media channels abreast of the latest production and distribution methods is as challenging as new electronics capabilities – not to mention content subject selections.

My CrappieNOW and CatfishNOW teams are dedicated to meet and exceed your expectations.

Don’t Spook Your Crappie

Guillot sends this sac-a-lait airborne after enticing it away from the school by “fishing above the fray”. (Photo: Keith Lusher)   Don’t want to spook the school? By Keith Lusher   Picture the scene… You’re pulling up to one of your most productive spots. As you approach, your fish finder screen lights up, showing a […]

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Pumpkin Month Panfish

Andy Gass is understandably all smiles with a pair of slabs caught on Tennessee’s Kentucky Lake as the fall colors begin to shine in October. (Photo: Steve McCadams)     October Crappie – Overlooked and Underrated by Steve McCadams   When there is frost on the pumpkin there ought to be crappie in your cooler! […]

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Single Pole Crappie

Dickey “Drumking” Porter is a crappie expert on the Tennessee River in Southeast Tennessee. He admits that he is “old school.” He doesn’t like live imaging or multi-pole fishing. He firmly believes in “one rod, one fish” at a time. (Photo: Richard Simms, CrappieNOW Editor)     Confessions of Single-Pole Fanatics by Tim Huffman   [...]

Crappie Basics: Electric Outboards

The newly-released Mecury Avator electric outboards are faster and more efficient than previously releases. They also integrate with a smartphone App that allows the operator a wide variety of functions, including the ability to easily monitor battery life and range. (Photo courtesy Mercury Marine) Crappie Basics: Mercury Launches New Electric Outboard by Richard Simms, CrappieNOW […]

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Crappie Basics: Tungsten Crappie Jigs

Northland says that their new Tungsten Crappie King Fly will be outfitted with an ultra-sharp, perfectly-proportioned hook designed for the delicate mouths of panfish. (Photo courtesy Northland Fishing Tackle)   Crappie Basics: Northland Introduces Tungsten Crappie King Fly by Richard Simms, CrappieNOW Editor   Northland Fishing Tackle is a well-known name in providing great products [...]

Electronics by Wiegmann

Split screen imaging with traditional sonar on one side and mapping on the other. Sonar screen capture during the summer month with a thermocline starting at 20 feet and balls of shad near the surface. (Photo by Brad Wiegmann)   Smart, Castable Fishfinders by Brad Wiegmann   Interfacing between smartphones and marine electronic units isn’t […]

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Grenada, Mississippi Hidden Gems

Obviously fishing is the major drawing card to Grenada Lake among the CrappieNOW crowd, including CrappieNOW Publisher Dan Dannenmueller (left) and partner, Nick Deshano with Off Shore Tackle. But many people don’t realize what an incredible array of other attractions are in the area, whether you fish or not. (Photo: Ryan Rodriquez)   Grenada, MS: […]

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Lure of the Month

Lure of the Month: Live Roam’R by Terry Madewell A highly realistic minnow imitation that’s adaptable to fall and winter crappie fishing scenarios.   The reality for crappies is that minnows are a prime food source, the obvious reason many crappie lure profiles mimic minnows. Certainly, other forage contributes to their lifestyle, but minnows have [...]

The Reel Deal

The view as Lindsey sets out of one of her biggest hunts ever. But like most outdoor excursions, this adventure and the excitement that came with it really began long before she showed up for the hunt.   The Reel Deal: Chasing Swamp Monsters by Lindsey Lucas   Many people tend to write just about […]

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SpiderScoping Crappie

Steve Jeffers (right) fishing with Allen Reed in Kentucky. The fall colors indicate one of the prime times to pinpoint crappie in shallow water. Fish can be caught year-round, but fall and spring are the best times for the approach.   Unique SpiderScoping Approach Targets Shallow Crappie by Greg McCain     For years, Steve […]

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The Great Outdoors

The Wonderful Days Of October The bright, brisk days of October bring new energy and vigor for doing yard work, finishing painting tasks from summer, or moving lawn furniture inside. Crappie fishermen, like I am, are drawn to fishing waters. Most any crappie lake will do. An overnight at a nearby campground makes an October […]

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CN How To With Crappie Dan and X-Tractor Lures

Crappie Dan talks about the Road Runner and the X-Tractor lures and how he uses them to catch more crappie.

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