August 2020

Crappie NOW How To Rod Sox Rod Protectors

Rod Sox fishing rod protectors provide so many benefits including: A “push-on” – “push-off” motion that eliminates the guide or hook hang-ups. A rod protector of your valuable investments from scratches, guide damage, line breakage, and rod locker damage. Features a tough, double layered, size color coded, reinforced tip which protects your rod tips, & […]

Crappie NOW How To Dub-L-Seat

Crappie NOW How on Dub-L-Seat on the water, double fishing seat bases would you feel safe doing this with a system that doesn’t lock in?

In the Spotlight: Kent Driscoll, by Tim Huffman

Kent Driscoll is a major player in the sport of crappie fishing. by Tim Huffman If you follow the crappie fishing “network,” it is very likely you have heard the name, “Kent Driscoll.” Driscoll, born in 1967, lives in Nolensville, Tennessee near his home lake of J. Percy Priest. His real job is as Vice […]

Recipes: Three-Bowl Breaded Crappie, by Vernon Summerlin

Three-Bowl Breaded Crappie Pan versus Skillet?   by Vernon Summerlin 1 1/2 to 2 pounds crappie fillets Salt and pepper fillets 1 /2 cup all-purpose unbleached flour 2 large eggs 2 tablespoons cold water, a splash 2 cups plain bread crumbs 1/2 teaspoon dried mustard powder 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper Season fillets with salt and […]

Coaxing Crappie on Santee Cooper, by Jim Mize

On a day when the shade of the pontoon is welcoming, crappie guide Steve English believes crappie take refuge in the brush. (Photo: Jim Mize)   Coaxing Crappie on Santee Cooper Brushpile bonanza with guide Steve English   by Jim Mize The morning sun crawled over the horizon, sluggish as I was at this time […]

FISH-i Tactacam Review, by Richard Simms

There are a variety of small, high resolution cameras on the market these days. Here is a first-hand review of some of the pros and cons of one of the latest such cameras on the market from Tactacam. (Image courtesy Tactacam)   FISH-i Tactacam Review Capture your catch on video by Richard Simms Every now […]

Crappie Tips: Don’t Reel So Far, by Richard Simms

No matter what kind of fish you are catching, never reel in too much line when landing the fish. In general, you want to stop reeling when your line is about two-thirds of the length of your rod. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Crappie Tips: Don’t Reel So Far When it comes to reeling in fish […]

Crappie Tips: Step-by-Step August Crappie-Catching, by Richard Simms

This image from a depth finder shows a massive cloud of baitfish between 5 and 10 feet deep gathered beneath the lights under the boat. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Crappie Tips: Step-by-Step August Crappie-Catching Tired of baking in the sun? Crappie fish after the sun sets. by Richard Simms   It’s so simple it hurts. […]

Map Your Way to Crankbaiting Success, by Greg McCain

Jeff Barnes plots his course with his Lowrance electronics while practicing his point-to-point technique of pulling crankbaits. (Photo: Greg McCain)   Map Your Way to Crankbaiting Success With crankbaiting there’s no end to crappie season   by Greg McCain Analytics and crappie fishing are rarely part of the same conversation. However North Alabama crappie angler […]

The Great Outdoors, by Larry Whiteley

SPECIAL MOMENTS ON AN AUGUST NIGHT  August weather has a way of making us all become slug-like, tired, sweaty and irritable. During the day I sit in the air conditioning pounding my thoughts out on my computer for another outdoor article. Sometimes I pause and look out the window at the hot sun. It won’t […]

Waypoints: Trust, by Geremy Olson

Learning to respect the things in life that are important starts by taking the needed risks. Waypoints: Trust Learning to fish and live life. by Geremy Olson WayPoint: You were created to take risk, because taking risk is the only way to learn and grow. Being safe steals your life, growth and ability to have […]