March 2020 Issue

Your Donations Help Support Alabama’s Wildlife State income tax check-off makes it easy You might not associate wildlife with doing your state income taxes, but there is a connection. The Alabama Nongame Wildlife Fund check-off box on the state income tax form provides citizens a way to donate all or a portion of their state […]


March 4, 2020  The stage is set for the Bassmaster Classic, spring bites are on the horizon, and new tech promises more options for anglers.  NPAA Member News: 2020 Ty Anderson Memorial Ice Derby   The 2020 Second Annual Ty Anderson Memorial Ice Derby took place on Saturday February 22nd 2020. There were 176 anglers […]

Destination: Santee-Cooper Lakes

Joseph Dennis and Matt Outlaw with some slab crappie caught in Lake Moultrie, spider-rigging 20 feet deep  (Photo: Ron Wong)   Destination: Santee-Cooper Lakes The two Santee Cooper lakes offer great crappie and great fun. by Ron Wong   The Santee-Cooper area actually includes two different – Lake Marion (110,000 acres) and Lake Moultrie (60,000 […]

Pre-tying Rigs

Crappie Dan offers some tips on the most efficient way to pre-tie crappie fishing rigs. Getting rigs tied in advance saves time on the water which means more fish in the boat.

Get Organized

Have you ever heard of TackleWebs? If not, Crappie Dan says you need to check them out. He explains why here, along with lots of other equipment storage ideas for your boat to make you a more efficient and successful fisherman.


  I LOVE MARCH MADNESS I’m a big college basketball fan. I love March Madness time and filling out my bracket with great hopes for the teams I pick. I don’t miss very many games. If I am going to be gone I watch them on my smart phone or set up my TV to […]

Chasing the Rainbow

Every part of the country seems to have a favorite “go to” color. However nearly every crappie angler in the world will agree that any jig including chartreuse can’t go wrong. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Chasing the Rainbow How to pick the best color for crappie by Tim Huffman   Fishermen love to have “secret […]

Mississippi Crappie Casserole

    When I began cooking as an adult, my experiences with casseroles had been limited. First I thought they were just a baked mixture of foods. One day I learned what a casserole really is – the French word for saucepan; a large, deep dish used for cooking and as a serving vessel. That […]

The Search for Big Slabs

Clint and Dwayne Bailey show off a pair of slabs taken trolling jigs in March. (Photo: Richard Simms)   The Search for Big Slabs March is primetime to catch big pre-spawn crappie by Mike Gnatkowski   Call them papermouths, strawberry bass, speckled perch, or specks, crappie are crappie anywhere you find them. There may be […]

Waypoints: Relying on Truth

Sometimes it’s worth making yourself a comfortable seat so that you can spend the time learning how to catch fish. (Photo:Geremy Olson)   Waypoints: Relying on Truth Learning to fish and live life. Working with the facts changes everything and helps create success. by Geremy Olson WayPoint: You can hope that what you are hearing […]

Signs of the (Crappie) Season

When the white pelicans line up to head north, it’s crappie fishing time. (Photo: Ed Mashburn)   Signs of the (Crappie) Season Dogwood blooms are a sure sign of crappie days ahead by Ed Mashburn   I can’t help but put some trust in “signs” that tell me when I ought to go fishing. These […]

Crappie Kids Corner: Minnows, by Scott MacKenthun

Walking into a bait shop with mom and dad, young anglers see a lot of different live baits for sale. In some parts of the country, they are likely to see a tank full of small fish for sale labeled “crappie minnows.” This month’s kid’s corner answers the question “what is a crappie minnow?”

Crappie Tips – How Close is Too Close?

The new Garmin Panoptix Live Scope has provided an anglers dramatic new information on exactly how close you can approach crappie without spooking them. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Crappie anglers fishing structure, especially relatively shallow structure, often wonder how close they can approach without spooking fish. B’n’M Pro Staffer Kent Driscoll has an answer. Using […]

Bobber Rigging for Spring Crappie

Properly rigged floats can help you catch more crappie.   Bobber Rigging for Spring Crappie Float your way to more crappies. by Darl Black   The iconic image of springtime crappie fishing is an angler soaking bait under a bobber. But there is more to float fishing than a clip-on red & white plastic globe. […]

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