March 2022


I did something recently you VERY rarely hear of fishermen doing these days. I got rid of my Garmin LiveScope™, selling it to a good friend. And for now, I have no plans to replace it.

Did I dislike it?

No, absolutely not. It definitely worked as intended, at least within the limits of my learning curve.

I bought it for two reasons. (1) I wanted to see what, if any benefits it could bring to my catfishing, and (2) I knew LiveScopes™ worked best crappie fishing using techniques and fishing structures that I haven’t explored as much. I hoped that by spending a hefty amount of money, it would inspire me to branch out and explore those other crappie fishing methods, and on a year-round basis.

Best Crappie Lakes

Grenada Lake gives up plenty of big fish each year. Travis and Charles Bunting show off two taken during a tournament. (Photo: Tim Huffman)   Top 10 Crappie Lakes for 2022 by Tim Huffman   A list of the “Best Lakes” for any species of fish often boils down to who you ask. For example, […]

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Adventures on Ice … Minnesota Style

CrappieNOW Editor Richard Simms and wife, Barbara, from Tennessee, are proud to show off one of their first-ever crappie caught ice fishing. (Photo: Scott MacKenthun)   Newbie on Ice NEW PRAGUE, Minnesota - Three years ago, I met Scott MacKenthun, a Minnesota fisheries biologist and fellow outdoor writer who had come to Tennessee to catch [...]

How to Catch More Crappie in Muddy Water

There is a white jig hanging in BOTH of these jars. Surely most anglers would say they prefer fishing in transparent water like that on the right. But muddy-water fishing isn’t as hard as it might seem if you learn a few tricks. (Photo: Keith Sutton)   Crappie in the Mud   One of my […]

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Electronics by Wiegmann

  Can you see your sonar/GPS screen? by Brad Wiegmann   Every angler sooner or later will look at their sonar/GPS unit and not be able to see an image. It could be a washed-out screen from the glare of bright sunlight, or the angle of the screen or maybe even your sunglasses making it […]

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Eye Hole Jig Update

Eye Hole Jig’s newest offering is an attractive little 1/24th ounce hair jig.   About two years ago CrappieNOW shared the news of a unique new lure called the Eye Hole Jig. Owner Blake Phillips said, “We sold our first ones in August (2019) and it’s insane what they’re doing. We can hardly keep up [...]

National Crappie Fisherman Day

Someone gave me a calendar for my birthday and it has national holidays listed on it for every day on the calendar. Looking at just March there was a National Pig Day on March 1st, National Dentist’s Day on March 6th, National Biodiesel Day on March 18th and National Weed Appreciation Day on March 28th. […]

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Experts Tell All

 Jeremy Mattingly (right) from the “On the Hook” TV show says his Garmin LiveScope™ has taught he and other anglers a lot about crappie behavior. (Photo: Richard Hines)   Crappie Experts Tell All by Richard Hines Crappie behave much differently than previously thought   No matter what you have heard, LiveScope™ or other live-imaging sonar […]

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Crappie NOW How To – Shrink Wrap Handle

Rod handles can take a beating from everyday use and being used in pole holders. A shrink-wrap grip provides three important advantages. They give longer life to a rod handle and the provide a non-slip surface when water or slime makes gripping a problem. The third is easy placement and removal of rods in rod […]

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Crappie NOW How To – Lure Wraps

Dan Dannenmueller says lure wraps, also called bait tacos, are important tools, especially for crankbait fishermen. A wrap keeps hooks out of lines and protects poles. Most importantly, they aid in preventing hooks from getting into your hands, arms and legs.

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Huffman’s Crappie Annual Released

Tim Huffman’s ninth crappie-fishing book is on the bookshelves (or web page). Professional crappie anglers and experts provide a variety of techniques, tactics and tips to help you learn ways to catch more crappie. Plus, a product guide provides a quick reference to some of the best jigs, poles and equipment available. Offering hours of […]

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Basic Boating Terms

Sometimes we overlook the obvious or take certain things for granted, especially around novice anglers or boaters. We may use terms about or on our boats that sound like a foreign language to beginners. Our friends at Yamaha put together this basic primer about words, phrases and terms helpful to boaters. Boat Parts The main […]

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Cooking Springtime Crappie

For many anglers, the month of March begins Pomoxis-catching boom-time. Black (Pomaxis nigromaculatus) and white (Pomaxis annularis) crappies are physically and biologically very similar. White crappies have vertical bars where as black crappies don’t. At spawning time (April to June) both species become darker. Hence coloration is a poor way to distinguish species. White crappie […]

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Live-Imaging Sonar Research

Kansas biologists say their research indicates the use of live-imaging sonar has relatively little impact on crappie catch rates by average anglers. They admit, however, they would like to do more research to measure effects by advanced anglers, such as professional crappie tournament anglers. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Kansas Biologists Research Impact of Live-Imaging Sonar [...]

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