Sept 2020

Days of Wine and Crappie, by Ken Perrotte

As shown by Emilee Sperry, a visit to New York’s “Grape Belt” cam also yield additional rewards to crappie anglers. (Photo: Mike Sperry)   Days of Wine and Crappie by Ken Perrotte Lake Erie’s Grape Belt a Destination for Wine Lovers and Crappie Anglers Alike   The northwestern edge of New York state is known […]

Crappie Basics – Fishing Intersections, by Tim Huffman

This screen grab from a Navionics App illustrates an excellent “intersection” where a creek channel intersects with a main channel.   Crappie Basics – Fishing Intersections by Tim Huffman Fish have “game trails” just like deer.   Deer hunters definitely know the benefits of hunting a well-worn game trail. But ideally, they want to find […]

Video Tip: Keeping Double Minnow Rigs Untangled

Video Tip: Keeping Double Minnow Rigs Untangled Great tip from B’n’M Pro Staffer Ronnie Capps   B’n’M Pro Staffer Ronnie Capps, 8-time National Champion, shows you how to keep your double-hook minnow-rigs from tangling up.

Downsize for Fall Crappie, by Ron Wong

Jason Westerberg with a nice crappie using a down-sized bait. All of these examples shown are good Fall lures. (Photo: Ron Wong)   Downsize for Fall Crappie by Ron Wong ‘Finesse them into the boat’   In September it’s often still hot, at least in the South. But South, North, East or West – we’re […]

Escape to the Ozarks, by Larry Whiteley

Bull Shoals Lake is just a short drive away from Branson, MO.   Escape to the Ozarks by Larry Whiteley Outdoor activities are good for your heart   Being outdoors is good for us. Nature and fresh air can help us relax and feel less stressed. Most of us can sure use that after all […]

Super Late-Summer Patterns, by Tim Huffman

A jig and minnow is a good combination for most techniques. If fish want a smaller offering, use a smaller jighead and minnow, without the jig body.   Super Late-Summer Patterns by Tim Huffman Slow presentations can produce great summer action   Late summer is a period when a fisherman can successfully use a wide […]

Crappie Basics – Hand, Foot or Remote Control, by Richard Simms

It wasn’t that long ago that fishermen mostly had “old school” hand-steered trolling motors. But nowadays high-tech foot-controlled or remote-controlled trolling motors are the norm. Which choice is best for you? Crappie Basics – Hand, Foot or Remote Control by Richard Simms Buying the right boat is critical. But buying the right trolling motor may […]

Learn 2 Fish With Us Creates New Brochure

    The Learn 2 Fish organization has created a new brochure helping to explain who Learn 2 Fish With Us is, what they do, who they work with, details of their different seminars and much more. Learn 2 Fish is a non-profit organization located in Northeastern Wisconsin. Their mission is to grow the sport […]

Latest News on the Asian Carp Invasion, by Richard Simms

Biologists from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife use electrofishing boats to catch Silver Carp in the Lake Barkley Dam tailwaters.  (Photo: Tennessee Aquarium)   Latest News on the Asian Carp Invasion by Richard Simms Biologists haven’t documented any impact on game fish   Representatives from eleven different agencies […]

Video Tip: Balanced Poles

Video Tip: Balanced Poles Brian Carter shows you how to check the ‘balance” of your fishing rod   B’n’M Pro Staffer Brian Carter shows you how to check the balance pole on your fishing rod to help prevent fatigue and catch more fish.

Waypoints: A Time for Everything, by Geremy Olson

It’s important to know when it’s time to kick back and have fun.   Waypoints: A Time for Everything by Geremy Olson Learning to fish and live life   WayPoint: There is a time and place for everything. What’s important is to live life with balance. Balance brings clarity and growth to life. Lack of […]

Recipes: Mexican Crappie, by Vernon Summerlin

Recipes: Mexican Crappie by Vernon Summerlin Recipe from south of the border, plus tips on choosing a filet knife   Mexican Crappie & Fillet Knives 1-1/2 pounds fillets 1/2 teaspoon taco seasoning 1 cup pico de gallo (recipe below) 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese 1/2 to 3/4 cup crushed tortilla chips Preheat oven to 400 […]

THE GREAT OUTDOORS, by Larry Whiteley

THE GREAT OUTDOORS By Larry Whiteley FALL’S FORAGING CRAPPIE In the fall, crappie head to the shallows and they are hungry. They migrate to secondary bays and creeks much like they do during the spring spawn. Forage is what brings the fish to shallow brush piles, stump rows and standing timber. Cooler temperatures get shad […]

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