August 2021

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It’s back, ICAST 2021 was held the third week of July in Orlando Florida.  As always, it did not disappoint.

Although much smaller than pre COVID, innovation by small and large companies were on full display for the media and buyers to evaluate and plan on for 2022.  Some really good crappie lures, rods, accessories were there.

I got to personally attend this one vice the virtual version last year.  It was informative and fun seeing folks again after two years of isolation.

Crappie NOW How To Rod Sox Rod Protectors

Rod Sox fishing rod protectors provide so many benefits including: A “push-on” – “push-off” motion that eliminates the guide or hook hang-ups. A rod protector of your valuable investments from scratches, guide damage, line breakage, and rod locker damage. Features a tough, double layered, size color coded, reinforced tip which protects your rod tips, & […]

Crappie NOW How To Dub-L-Seat

Crappie NOW How on Dub-L-Seat on the water, double fishing seat bases would you feel safe doing this with a system that doesn’t lock in?

Fishing and Fun in Alabama

Visitors and locals enjoy a leisurely stroll in Downtown Wetumpka. Photo by Erin Shockey   Wetumpka, AL & The Coosa River Nestled along the Coosa River is a charming, southern town that is making national headlines. To the world, Wetumpka, AL is HGTV’s largest renovation project to date, but to the residents of the small […]

Waypoints: Reality Check

No matter how calm and beautiful Mother Nature can be, we all need to remember that her power is greater than ours.   Waypoints: Reality Check Learning to fish and live life by Geremy Olson WayPoint: Fair is a concept created by humans that nature does not recognize.   You don’t have to go very […]

Cooking your Catch

The Importance of Knives by Vernon Summerlin   Best Chef and Fillet Knives is a food resource for the home cook with daily kitchen tips, cooking videos, recipes and test kitchen. I recently found this article about chef’s knives. I’ve been slicing, dicing and whacking fish and game for more than a half-century. I’ve […]

New Stuff for Your Fishing Arsenal

Product Buzz by Tim Huffman   Fin Spin Jig Head Leland Lures Jeff Smith, Owner/CEO of Leland Lures, says “We went back to the drawing board with the goal to have our Fin Spin work with spider rigging. We wanted it to spin at a very slow speed. When we got a certain angle with […]

Post-COVID NPAA Conference Coming

With a new venue in Sandusky, Ohio, the 2021 NPAA Conference will offer space for an expanded expo with larger booths including boats, motors, and marine accessories on display by NPAA Partners – plus an all-star line-up of speakers.   Post-COVID NPAA Conference Coming After a year in which many things felt to be beyond […]

John Godwin

John Godwin's face and name were very well known at the peak of Duck Dynasty TV show. The show might be over, but Godwin is using his fame to promote crappie fishing across the country. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Duck Dynasty Star has lots of Crappie Days by Richard Simms   WETUMPKA, AL. - Whether [...]

Wisdom from Larry Whiteley

The Great Outdoors by Larry Whiteley   THE FASCINATING WORLD OF INSECTS Insects! We don’t pay much attention to them unless they are biting us, stinging us, crawling on us, bugging us or interfering in some way with whatever we are doing. Insects though are really fascinating once you get to know them. Sure grasshoppers […]

Get Out of the Rut

Greg Robinson reads the water and his electronics to figure out tactics.   Changing Patterns for August Crappie by Ken Perrotte   A rut can manifest itself in a myriad of ways: relationships, careers, lifestyles, depression. Then there is the fishing rut, that seemingly prolonged drought between the expenditure of your efforts and your expectations. […]

Crappie Basics

This is a common sight when fishing under the lights on most reservoirs. It is a pretty sure bet there are, or soon will be, crappie lurking beneath such massive schools of bait fish.   Leave the Light on for Crappie by Richard Simms   This might be the most over-used summer “tip” ever published […]

Crappie Basics

Crappie Basics – Buy Winter Fishing Gear Now for Bargains   Are you one of those people who goes out and buys Christmas ornaments right AFTER Christmas because you know they’ll be on sale? Or maybe you even buy fireworks after the 4th of July to (safely) store until next year? You know the prices […]

Tie One On

Kim Burnett is known for the colorful hair jigs he ties and sells through his Crappie Stopper Co.     The Art of Tying Crappie Jigs by Brent Frazee Kansas fisherman’s tackle box is full of colorful baits he creates.   Sitting in a boat over a brush pile, Kim Burnett methodically offered the crappie […]

Hot Weather Cranking

Dan Dannemueller says summer action is available if you find the right area, make a good presentation and crappie will chow down on crankbaits. (Photo: Tim Huffman)   Dog-Day Crankbaits by Tim Huffman   Hot sun and temperatures keep most fishermen in the air conditioning in August. But good action awaits those willing to brave […]

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