June 2021

Opening Cast


In many circles, if you don’t have a bucket of minnows in the boat (or on the bank), you’re not crappie fishing.

In other circles, however, if you DO have a bucket of minnows, you’re not REALLY crappie fishing.

I have one friend who jokingly tells me that fishing minnows, or even trolling jigs, is “cheating.” He is strictly a “one pole, one (artificial) lure” angler – what I call a “crappie fishing purist.”

In the Spotlight: Gary Dollahon

In the Spotlight: Gary Dollahon by Tim Huffman Dollahon PR is a powerhouse in the outdoor industry   Born in 1953, Gary Dollahon is originally from New Mexico, but now lives in Oklahoma with his wife, Donna. They have two children and three grandchildren. His home lake is Ft. Gibson, but he has six good […]

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Crappie Basics – Summer Tips from the Tournament Trail

Reelfoot Lake Guide Billy Blakely shows off the kind of crappie the right technique can produce on the Northeast Tennessee Lake. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Crappie Basics – Summer Tips from the Tournament Trail CrappieNOW Senior Writer Tim Huffman talks to some crappie pros about their summer techniques: Ron Griffin “Reelfoot’s my home lake so […]

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Sometimes Live Bait Matters

Anglers enjoy success drifting with minnows supported by floats through a shallow stump field on Pymatuning Lake on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.   Sometimes Live Bait Matters by Darl Black   When I was a kid in the 1950s, Dad and I would seine creek minnows on Friday evening to go crappie fishing on Saturday. Hardly […]

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Recipes: Crappie Koolsa Tacos, by Vernon Summerlin

  When the weather turns hot it’s the time to think of cool foods. Coleslaw, known simply as slaw, is among those. Cabbage salad is from the Dutch term “koolsla.” This side dish consists primarily of finely shredded raw cabbage with a salad dressing, usually vinaigrette or mayonnaise. But what we’re going to do is […]

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Eric Cagle on H&H Rods

Eric Cagle is a fan of fishing technology and says his H&H rods reflect that.   Eric Cagle on H&H Rods by Richard Simms and Tim Huffman   Alabama guide, Eric Cagle, has fished national tournaments for four years, was half of the 2018 Crappie Masters Rookie Team of the Year, 2020 Grenada Lake tournament […]

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Video Crappie Tip: Matt Xenos on Electronics Settings

Matt Xenos from East Tennessee has a popular YouTube Channel for crappie anglers called “Wired for Crappie.” In this video he shares details on how to fine tune your electronics to locate crappie structure.   While the Garmin Livescope is all the rage among professional crappie anglers, the majority of everyday fishermen have not “made […]

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Match the Hatch, Even for Crappie

Kirby Ham, who runs the Crappie Kirby Guide Service in Kansas, shows off proof-positive that fishermen can benefit by matching the hatch.   Match the Hatch, Even for Crappie by Brent Frazee Trout fishermen routinely try to “match the hatch.” But crappie anglers need to do the same.   On a cool mid-April evening, Kirby […]

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The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors by Larry Whiteley WELCOME TO JUNE I don’t know about you but I really enjoy the month of June. It’s usually not too hot, not too cool, not too much bad weather to spoil our outdoor adventures. Flowers are blooming both planted and wild, the garden’s growing, birds are singing, hummingbirds and […]

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Waypoints: Feelings Aren’t Truth

No matter how much you love to fish, mornings can be incredibly painful.   Waypoints: Feelings Aren’t Truth Learning to fish and live life. by Geremy Olson WayPoint: Feelings are vital emotions that can reinforce but not replace the truth.   Do you remember your first fish? Do you remember your first limit of fish? […]

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Crappie NOW How To Drop Shot

Crappie NOW How To Offshore Tackle

2021 CrappieNOW Crappie Camp

2021 CrappieNOW Crappie Camp Writers and pros gather on the Alabama River WETUMPKA, Ala. – In late May CrappieNOW Publisher Dan Dannemueller partnered up with the Elmore County Economic Development Authority to host a collection of the some of the best fishing guides, tournament anglers and outdoor writers in Wetumpka, Alabama. The mission was to […]

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