June 2020

“And the Survey Says…”, by Richard Simms

Will larger size limits and smaller creel limits result in bigger crappie, or more crappie? Most fisheries biologists say, “Not necessarily.” We share your opinions from our CrappieNOW opinion survey. This giant crappie statue is located at Kirby Pocket on the well-known Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee.   And the Survey Says… CrappieNOW Editor Richard Simms […]

Crappie NOW How – Early Summer Equipment and Tackle

Dan talks about his tackle and equipment changes as the season get hotter going from Spring to early Summer.  

Reaching Crappie that are Hard to Reach, by Ed Mashburn

Dickey Porter demonstrates proper “dock shooting form.” It takes practice to perfect the art of skipping tiny crappie jigs up underneath shaded docks, but the technique can pay huge dividends. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Reaching Crappie that are Hard to Reach Shooting docks – by fine-tuning their gear and their technique, crappie anglers can reach […]

Why Shoot Summertime Docks, by Richard Simms

Shooting docks is a prime summertime technique for crappie anglers. Read much more in this month’s article by Ed Mashburn (SHOOTING DOCKS STORY). But here CrappieNOW Editor Richard Simms and his friend, Dickey Porter, demonstrate how and why it works so well on video. We hope you will watch and learn.  

Crappie Kids – How Old is That Crappie, by Scott Mackenthun

Crappie Kids – How Old is That Crappie, by Scott Mackenthun by Scott Mackenthun   CrappieNOW contributor Scott MacKenthun is also a professional fisheries biologist in Minnesota. Today Quinn MacKenthun joins her Dad to explore exactly how fisheries biologist can determine the age of a crappie. It is essential for biologists to be able to […]

Hot Slabs in the Summertime, by Ken Perrotte

Jack Smith sets lines at the start of an evening of fishing. (Photo: Ken Perrotte)   Hot Slabs in the Summertime Lighting Up the Crappie in the Sweltering Florida Summer   by Ken Perrotte Late afternoon thunderstorms in central Florida sometimes pop up with such regularity that you can, as the saying goes, “Set your […]

The Most Productive Crappie Lakes on the Planet, by Scott MacKenthun

Professional crappie anglers Steve Coleman and Ronnie Capps with proof-positive that Northern Mississippi reservoirs, such as Grenada, are the most productive crappie lakes in the country. (Photo: Richard Simms) The Most Productive Crappie Lakes on the Planet Welcome to the Yazoo River Basin by Scott MacKenthun   Across a wide swath of northwest Mississippi, south […]

In the Spotlight…Dan Dannenmueller, by Tim Huffman

Dan Dannenmueller, also known as “Crappie Dan,” is the Publisher of CrappieNOW as well as an accomplished professional crappie angler.   In the Spotlight…Dan Dannenmueller by Tim Huffman   A familiar face on the American Crappie Trail, Crappie Masters Tournament Trail, personal appearances and seminars across the country, Dan Dannenmueller, loves to promote the sport […]

Crappie Tips: Best Color Crankbaits, by Tim Huffman

Pink Bandit crankbaits are one of several proven crappie-catchers.   Crappie Tips: Best Color Crankbaits Trolling crankbaits is an excellent summer technique but color can be critical by Tim Huffman   Experts have trouble explaining why crappie are so color sensitive to crankbaits, they just know they are. The best colors can change day-to-day or […]

Crappie Tips: Clear Water Tactics, by Tim Huffman

Shooting boat docks is an outstanding summer technique, but when fishing clear water it is wise to stay farther away from the dock than you might in dingy water. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Crappie Tips: Clear Water Tactics by Tim Huffman Clear water crappie fishing is tougher simply because crappie are spookier. Special tactics can […]

Waypoints: Trust, by Geremy Olson

Dan and I received this “Voyageur’s Award” from the man we paddled out of the wilderness that night. Photo by: Geremy Olson   Waypoints: Trust Learning to fish and live life. by Geremy Olson Sometimes earning someone’s trust means swallowing a bitter pill. Trust is an important commodity that is learned by example   WayPoint: You […]

Parmigiano Reggiano/Crappie Fillet Sandwiches, by Vernon Summerlin

Crappie with an Italian twist by Vernon Summerlin “There has never been a better assortment of cheeses than there are today,” says Larry Olmsted Senior contributor to Forbes Life, “with an explosion of high-quality artisanal cheese makers and craft dairies springing up around the world. This makes it even more impressive that most people in […]

The Great Outdoors, by Larry Whiteley

LILLY’S FATHERS DAY GIFT by Larry Whiteley Lilly Nelson had a great idea for a Father’s Day gift. She told her mom Amanda she wanted to take dad crappie fishing. Mom smiled and said, “He would love that but don’t you want to take your brother Timothy along?”  Lilly rolled her eyes and said, “Nooo, […]

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