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Today I sit drinking my morning cup of coffee and ponder the current fuel cost situation. What really is the cause? Why do we roll over and accept this? How can I save fuel and still tour on the circuits, fish for fun, and fish for work? Questions, questions, questions but, not many answers as to why.

Thanks to the Pecan Coffee I love; I woke up to a brainstorming session of some things I could share and recommend. I thought of some items that may help you and me continue to enjoy the fishing sport we love and always have FUN!

Kyler Beckmann

Kyler Beckmann at the D’Arbonne, Louisiana, American Crappie Trail championship, where he earned seventh place and finished the season-long run to win Angler of the Year.   Fishing with Kyler Beckmann by Tim Huffman ACT Angler of the Year   Stover, Missouri is home to the new American Crappie Trail Angler of the Year, Kyler […]

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Pulling Crankbaits for Mississippi Crappie

Pulling crankbaits for crappie in the summer remains a popular tradition on the central Mississippi lakes.     Crankbait Presentation slays Mississippi Slabs by Greg McCain In many ways, pulling crankbaits looms as an intimidating technique for catching summer crappie. With the conglomeration of rods, lures, electronics, and other boat accessories - plus the need-to-know [...]

Bobby Garland Mayfly

The Mayfly’s streamline design makes it a versatile choice suitable for a wide variety of crappie fishing techniques, including finesse jigging, dock shooting and spider rigging, to name a few.     Crappie Basics: Bobby Garland Mayfly   Most crappie anglers know that the “Bobby Garland” brand is hard to beat for catching slabs. But […]

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Clear Water Crappie

Shooting boat docks is an outstanding summer technique, but when fishing clear water it is wise to stay farther away from the dock than you might in dingy water. (Photo: Richard Simms) Most crappie anglers despise extremely muddy water OR extremely clear water. Both ends of the spectrum can be problematic. In extremely clear water […]

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Side Imaging Sonar

Super high imaging is possible with equipment like Oculus.     Catch more Fish with Side Imaging Sonar By Brad Wiegmann     Has live-imaging sonar made side imaging sonar obsolete? No, but it has changed when and where anglers are using it. Truth is, tournament anglers may be using side-imaging even more to find [...]

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors by Larry Whiteley   THE BONUS Those of you that love crappie fishing may find it hard to believe there is anything more important when you go fishing than catching crappie. That is important, but it is really the bonus. When you get to the lake on an early June morning you […]

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Fish-n-Foil Italian Style

  Fish-n-Foil Italian Style by Vernon Summerlin It is easy to zest up your crappie for grilling, just by adding Italian dressing. If you cook on a grill, you may want to baste your fish every two minutes to prevent it from drying out. If you choose to use the fish-n-foil method to cook crappie […]

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Lake of the Ozarks and LIS

The Reel Deal: LIS on Lake of the Ozarks by Lindsey Lucas   Lake of the Ozarks is one of the largest lakes in Missouri. It is more than 84 miles long with 1,100 miles of shoreline. In places it reaches 130 feet deep. The huge lake offers great fishing for a variety of species […]

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Boat Rigging for Versatility

Kansas crappie guide Joe Bragg borrowed a page from a saltwater fisherman’s book and turned a bay boat into the ultimate crappie-fishing machine. The 24-foot Blue Wave bay boat is rigged for virtually any crappie-fishing technique possible.  (Photo: Brent Frazee)   Rig Your “Crappie Yacht” for Versatility by Brent Frazee   You won’t find many […]

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Crappie Expert Profile: Ken Smith

Ken Smith shows off a healthy Shenango Lake black crappie. (Photo: Darl Black)   Exceptional Crappie Angler Series: Spotlight on Ken Smith by Darl Black   Ken Smith of Sharon, Pennsylvania, is a crappie fishing machine. I first met Ken 14 years ago in January on the ice at Pymatuning Lake while I was shooting […]

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Crappie NOW Hacks : Fish Basket Pool Noodle

David from Driftmaster rod holders talks about a hack for kayaks. Putting a pool noodle on a fish basket to float as a live well for fishing out of a kayak.

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Crappie NOW Hacks : How to Add and Take Off Reel Line

John Harrison from BnM Poles Pro Staff talks about hacks on how to store line spools, add and take off line on your reels.

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