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How was your Spring crappie season?

Most folks are going to answer, “Okay” or “Bad” or maybe “Great!” But when they answer, it is likely to be based upon their less-than-scientific memory. In my case that means a very poor memory.

People (fishermen especially) often have a tendency to forget the bad days and only remember the good. Or they might remember the day they caught a double-limit of keepers, but they forget they had to stay on the water for ten hours to do it.

Bring Out the Bandits

A big Kansas crappie left no doubt that it wanted to eat a bright-colored crankbait trolled past its face. (Photo: Brent Frazee) Break Out the Bandits for Crappie by Brent Frazee Joe Bragg is a well-known Kansas crappie guide, and often fishes professional tournaments. After competing in a national crappie tournament in the Deep South, […]

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Fish the Moon

Many hunters and fishermen have their own theories of how the moon phase affects the wild creatures they seek. Tim Bye practices patience after the full moon and is rewarded.   Full Moon Crappie Fishing by Keith Lusher   In the world of sac-a-lait fishing or crappie for those of you not from Louisiana – […]

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Bull Shoals

Start your day on the water by enjoying a beautiful sunrise, casting to a brush pile, and anticipating a big fish on the end of your line. It doesn’t get better than this. Jordan Isaacs on upper Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri. (Photo: Tim Huffman)   Destination: Bull Shoals Crappie & Branson, MO by Tim [...]

New Kansas State Record

The new Kansas state record white crappie was 18 inches long with a 14-inch girth.     Crappie Basics: New State Record White Crappie in Kansas by Richard Simms   CrappieNOW sends a big congratulatory shout-out to Bobby Parkhurst from Topeka, Kansas. Parkhurst caught a 4.07-pound white crappie that has recently been officially recognized as […]

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Bait-Pop Hires

Tommy Akin (top left) and Ryan Fisher have been hired to oversee public relations and marketing for Bait-Pop, an attractant designed specifically for live-imaging sonar (LIS) users. The paste “intensifies” the visibility of a bait on any forward-facing sonar.     Bait-Pop Hires Two New Professionals by Richard Simms   Bait-Pop, Inc. announces two important […]

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Electronics by Wiegmann

One advantage of a touchscreen fishfinder is being able to use it more easily when driving down the lake. (Photo: Brad Wiegmann)     One Fishfinder Feature You May Not Want to Pay For by Brad Wiegmann   When it comes to what feature you might not be able to live without in a fishfinder, […]

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Filet Your Catch

In his many decades as an avid crappie angler, Dickey Porter has the fileting process down to a fine art. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Filet Your Crappie in One Minute Dickey Porter Dickey Porter is an avid crappie fisherman on the Tennessee River. In his decades chasing crappie, Porter has fileted thousands – maybe tens [...]

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors by Larry Whiteley   A MAN CALLED FISH His name is Joe. Those that know him call him Fish. He is 89 years old. It is an early May morning. The sun is rising over the forested hills surrounding the lake. Birds are beginning to sing. Crows are cawing at each other. […]

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Lure of the Month

Lure of the Month: Mayfly by Terry Madewell A highly realistic profile of a favored crappie forage gives anglers an edge. Being a mayfly is tough because that critter is at the top of every crappie’s hitlist as a preferred food source. Fame begins with a name in terms of marketing and fishing with a […]

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Professional Crappie Anglers United

Professional Crappie Anglers United has been in the planning stages for months but just officially rolled out, accepting new members, April 1, 2023.     PCAU Strives to Unite Professional Crappie Anglers by Richard Simms   “Our goal is to bring some overall professionalism to the sport. Some feel like it’s kind of gone backwards […]

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Product Buzz

Crappie Products Buzz by Tim Huffman   Bait-Pop: Live Imaging Sonar Intensifier Like all products in this company’s long history, Bait-Pop provides a scent to help attract and entice crappie. Any fisherman can use this paste to get more hits. While Bait-Pop has great scent, it was primarily developed for live-imaging sonar (LIS) users. The […]

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The Reel Deal

Lindsey shares her experience at one of her favorite tournaments to fish. She also shares some exciting news that not many 16-year-old kids get to experience.               Big Mama Memories I saw my rod tip dip and as I went to grab it, my Dad also yelled, “Fish on.” […]

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Crappie on the Fly

Streamers and wooly buggers are great shallow-water crappie options with a fly rod.   Fly Fishing for Crappies by Mike Gnatkowski   It is common knowledge that crappies head to the shallows in the spring to feed and spawn. However, some anglers might be shocked at how shallow they will go. Ken Riehl and I […]

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