Dec 2020


Hang out at any bait shop, launching ramp, Facebook or other online fishing discussion forum and chances are the subject of high-tech electronics will arise. More specifically, are advanced electronics actually going to hurt game fish populations?

“I do feel like we’ll have a problem if we don’t address it,” said Steve English, a third-generation South Carolina fishing guide.

English isn’t alone. Many anglers’ express concerns that side-imaging, 360-imaging and especially, LiveScope may actually allow fishermen to be TOO GOOD. They fear the advanced capabilities will lead to anglers catching too many fish.

NPAA NewsBLAST: Merry Christmas from the NPAA

Waypoints: Laughing heals the soul, by Geremy Olson

Every day on the water you have the opportunity to make memories. Laughter just helps you make good memories.   Waypoints: Laughing heals the soul Laughing is like breathing; they both keep you alive. by Geremy Olson WayPoint: Laughing heals the soul and builds friendships. Failure to laugh hardens people and leads to heartache. Laughing […]

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Crappie Basics – Christmas Tree Crappie

Industrious fishermen can usually gather up lots of old Christmas trees after the holiday season. They make excellent brush piles that are likely to attract plenty of crappie or other game fish come spring. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Here’s a project to put on your calendar beginning December 26. Start gathering Christmas trees. Maybe your […]

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The Great Outdoors, by Larry Whiteley

DECEMBER DAYS  I like to take a few of my December days and get back out in the deer woods while other hunters are home by the fireplace. I’ve usually had a successful season by then so I’m out there because I want to be. Harvesting another deer is not important but if I do […]

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Winning Ways in Crappie USA, by Ron Presley

Consistent catching of crappie like this earned Scott Bunch (left) and Neal Alvis (right) the Crappie USA National Points Championship in 2020.   Winning Ways in Crappie USA by Ron Presley Angler Team of the Year offers tips for successful crappie fishing.   Successful tournament crappie fishing depends heavily on pre-fishing and doing your homework […]

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Crappie Basics – Reverse Your Thinking

Even on a blustery day with a little snow falling, crappie still have to eat. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Our friends at B’n’M’ poles wisely say with the onset of winter, crappie anglers need to adjust their thinking in order to find large concentrations of crappie. Crappie do feed heavily throughout the winter, though they […]

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Catching Weiss Crappie from December to March, by Tim Huffman

Weiss Lake guide Carlton Teague says taking crappie on a spinning rod and reel, whether casting or pulling, is a fun way to feel a tug on the line and get to fight the fish to the boat.   Catching Weiss Crappie from December to March by Tim Huffman   Weiss Lake, the Crappie Capital […]

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Can We Have Too Much Technology?, by Jim Mize

Advances in technology continue to aid fishermen in finding structure and fish. Some wonder if we can have too much technology. (Photo: Jim Mize)   Can We Have Too Much Technology? by Jim Mize   Steve English is a third-generation fishing guide and spends most days taking crappie and bass fishermen out on the Santee […]

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In the Spotlight: Eric Cagle, by Tim Huffman

Alabama guide, Eric Cagle, has earned a reputation as a soft-spoken gentle giant, hard-working and a crappie-catching machine. He has stayed on the cutting edge of electronics and matches it with his casting/pitching technique to create a consistent and fun way to catch crappie. His sponsors are: HH Rods & Reels, K9 Fishing, Grenada Lake […]

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Plastic VS Hair, by Ed Mashburn

Plastic bodies for crappie jigs are all the rage these days, however, many anglers still believe that hair jigs (or feathers) are the only way to go. (Photo: Richard Simms)   Plastic VS Hair by Ed Mashburn   There are many choices in this world. Some folks like thin-crust pizza, and some like thick.  Some […]

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Recipes: Christmas of Seven Fishes, by Vernon Summerlin

Christmas Feast of Seven Fishes by Vernon Summerlin   An old Roman tradition began in Southern Italy to celebrate Christmas. At Eve Tide (Christmas Eve), vigilance and abstinence were observed. Neither meat nor dairy could be consumed, but there was a catch. They could eat fish, although I’ve yet to understand why fish is not […]

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Crappie NOW How To: Road Runner lure on Crappie and Blue Gill

Crappie NOW How Crappie Dan discusses Road Runner lure on Crappie and Blue Gill.

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CrappieNow How To: BnM Pole

Crappie Dan discusses the New BnM pole and reel.

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